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Art openings are always on the third Saturday of each month from 6-9 PM.

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The Arts Upstairs gallery 60 Main St. Phoenicia, NY 12464
(845) 688-2142


Gallery hours:

Friday 3-6pm, Sat. 10-6, Sunday 10-4pm.


Solo room Artists:

Lynn Davidson

Cuban Exposition

and Kevin Green

Shovel Heads

Show opening  6-9 pm, September 16 - Runs through October 20

Bring some cheese and wine to share!


Lynn Davidson has been traveling to Cuba for 3 years. "My mission is to help the Cuban people. I've met some good people there, and had many great experiences. I thought that one way I could help was by giving Cuban Artists more exposure here. A lot of people appreciate what I'm doing and have been very supportive. I saw the passion in their Art and decided to start showing it in New York I'm representing several artists now. Cesar Roman uses vibrant colors in his surrealistic work. Bernardo Tomas concentrates more on Abstracts."
For more info call Lynn at 845 688-7020

The Picasso of Pick Axe.

Kevin Green's signature Shovel Heads are humorous and well welded.





The Arts Upstairs is a community gallery with 12 full members.  However, all artists are welcome to show work, space permitting. Hang fee: $10 for 24" and under,  $15 for 36",  $20 for over 36". There is a  35% commission on sales.