It's October, and Jill Friedman howls in her solo show.
Halloween is just around the corner... Climb the creaking, haunted steps to Arts Upstairs. Unleash your impulse imp-of the-perverse purchase gremlin! Masquerade! Harlequin! Mardi Gras!   Dia de los Muertos!  Art Safari here we come...

Jill Friedman is a party on canvas. Calderesque burlesque in a feather headdress. Shades of caveman, bushman and shaman with Basqiat/Haring graffiti up the patootie. A primordial ordeal... An aboriginal original. I am Justin Love with her one-woman show in the solo room.

                      "Jazzy"                                                         "Free For All"


John Battaglio Shot this "Tribal Man With Gun" with a camera. Pretty scary!


Barbara Hirth Strauss made this picture of a seashell titled: "Photo".


Anna Contes produced this pastel "Garden 4"


Frank Ciofalo is wired. And his "Medusa" is wired and wierd. Too much time in Tesla's beauty parlor?


Lenny Kislin created "Adam Crucified on Eve's Cross". I count 3 crossmembers but can only account for two of the ones alluded to in his enchantingly allegorical title.



Mattew Taylor has come up with a truly frightening fantasy of a world where every store is Starbucks. "Starbucks are Coming" is only the top of this tryptych.


October 31 wouldn't be the same without a black cat. Well, yellow-belly black cat, anyway. Margaret Tulis tamed the feral feline and calls it "The Sitter".



Come and and visit The Arts Upstairs and see the rest of the show. Then get your costumes ready and warm up the old howlin' tonsils. Halloween is just around the corner.  BOO!  

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