What is so rare as a day in May? Steak Tartare?

The May-June 2014 Arts Upstairs show features solo room artist Melody May (AKA Melody Newcombe, AKA Whoopsie Daisy) along with a rare sampling of regional artists. Remember to join us for the next opening on June 21, the first day of summer! Bring a dish or a bottle (preferably with something in it...) and check out the great scene.

Melody May isn't clowning around. This scratch-off called "Life Cycle of the Cecropia Moth" is a helluva lot more rewarding than the ones you buy in the convenience store. But you might have to win the lottery to afford to buy it... $50,000!

Melody plays a different tune in every artwork. This one is "Embroidery".


Robert Draffen painted these "Friends" in his signature encaustic tropical romance style.



D.C. Gaede takes us on a hike to visit an antler by the pond.


Lenny Kislin poses the age-old question "So Which Came First" I think it wasn't the egg or the hen.

It was the rooster.


Poet Thomas Hagakore shows some of his drawings this month and promises to fill a solo room with poetry art objects. This drawing is called "OCN" (ocean?) perhaps best viewed from the porthole of a yellow submarine.





Barbara Hirth Strauss took this photo of a robin titled,"Life".


This mixed media piece by Marvella Tannenbaum is titled "M/M".   It's Mmm Mmm good!


Fred Woller departs from his bike riding to do a bit of flying. "Wings Over Catskills".

Well...     Da dggita diggita diggita... that's all folks!    See ya next time.     Back to the safari!