Abondanza! That's Italian for Abundance!

Abundance is a good thing except if it takes the form of methane geysers in the arctic, and too much of nothing can make a man ill at ease. I certainly hope whatever you have too much of is something you like a lot. Too much freedom? Reminds me of a rant I like to repeat about the meaning of free in America. Sugar free, caffiene free, fat free. Free means it ain't there. You ain't got it. Just another word for nothing left to lose. But at this holiday time, let's try to focus on the good things we do have, and that's a lot. Abundance of art, for example...







Ann Byer is a party animal. She really knows how to tie one on.

In this case, specializing in a holiday seasonal affective disorder, a kleptomaniacal modality:

Where Have All The X Mas Ties Gone?


Time is running out and that's good for those behind bars, as in

"Serving Time".


Life is a tromp l'oeil bowl of Checkovian cherries.
these ones are comin' atcha, as Nancy Catandella calls: "White on Purple Cherries".


Patricia Charnay calls this porcelain prosthesis "Horse of the Apocalypse"





Lynn Fliegel loves to paint. You can tell. However, when i read the title, "Pebbles", i immediately thought of Bam Bam's little girl friend.  Is that so bad?





I never know exactly where Shalom Gorewitz is going with his collages, but i'm going there with him. "Place within Place: India"








Kevin Green is a mighty good welder and has a hell of a sense of humor. I really like the head on these shoulders, but could do without the rest of the body.





Helen Koehler a way of carrying me away with her water colors. This one is called "Afternoon by the Lake".



Erica Minglis must have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal... They have more watch ads than any other place I can think of.  This collage is called: Catching Up".




Justin Nikles solo show has been held over by popular demand. Or was it left back? Either way, the guy has a funky direct style. "Break on Through".



Robert Ricard remids us that there are happy elves nearby to keep the holidays cheerful. This reminder is called "Hitching the Team"

Richard treitner is bent. So is his dog sculpture "WUF".


That's dog talk for hello.




William Accorsi has also been carried over for another month in the solo room. This one is a "Homage to Rembrandt".


William- put titles and prices on your artwork! People have been trying to buy some pieces but can't  figure out how!





Sunday Dawne-Marie is a tattoo artist, and a painter, and a sculptor and a green haired wench to boot.

Visit her parlor on the boardwalk in Phoenicia.


This is a painting of a "Thistle".


I knew that.


Enjoy yourself and have a great holiday!


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