Heaven must be good. People are dying to get there. That's why we take the less drastic approach and get our somewhat imperfect selves to "ALMOST HEAVEN", the September show at The Arts Upstairs. Shandaken is close to heavenly most of the year...  if you like snow.  It also falls a bit short when floods ravage our community. Rita Schwab's home was battered in the flood but you still can buy some of her jewel color frescoes precognitively studded with glittering bits of MissEsopus Creek pebbles.     Even so, almost heaven is a hell of a lot better than almost hell, so let's safari.

- Dave Channon



Tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz and rubies.

Rita Schwab's "And the Sun Shines Again" expresses her indomitable spirit of life in shimmering crystal glazes.

Gary Ampel goes into the wild,wild west with his solo room show. Native Americans, trout, big cats, foxes, wolves and landscapes all run equally well off the business end of his brush.


"Mosquito Hawk".



Dave Channon gives us his take on near perfection with this cunning portrait of his wife Karen up on Route 214 by the beaver dams.

"Karen in Autumn"



Bill Barrett decided to do a double-take on the real world. Symmetry is one form of perfection so his "Untitled" photo manipulato fits the theme nicely.


Looks like a little flop ear bunny-bat critter in the middle.



Clare Kassor has a new set of threads, this one's called "Old Foundation".

You must examine one of these string things close up to see the intricate workwomanship.



"Kito" is a fired clay figurine by Patricia Charnay.

So much soul packed into a little package.

(The sculpture and the artist.)



The Phoenicia Eagle rises triumphantly like a Phoenix from the flood, but not without some kind of alabaster angel remembering all the suffering, loss and pain.


Shalom, Gorewitz!

Muchos kudos for "Almost Paradise".




Babette Kiesel kicks back on the porch and enjoys a babbling brook, unlike the babbling idiocy I sometimes torment her with.

"View From the Chaise".



Lucy Lasky has hit on a fun, unique way to take an exotic vacation without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Her travel photos are perfect when seen through an imaginary hotel window... takes you where you want to go.

"Tuscany Dreaming".



Anique Taylor is for the birds. "JoAnne's Birds" to be exact.

I would be in the right place at the right time if I only had a worm.


Peter Wallack is a wild, life photographer.

Also for the birds. His solo room show is an ornithological tour de force.



This month The Arts Upstairs has three solo room shows.

Fred Woller expands on a bicycle theme and his whirling wheels never go flat.

That's my definition of heaven.

"Variation # 15"

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