It is the fifth anniversary of The Arts Upstairs. Hoodathunkit? The gallery's got legs. On this auspicious occasion I give you these anniversary gifts.





Before you get to to celebrate an anniversary -you got to tie the knot. So for that phase of the theme, Jerilyn Babroff takes us on a "Mexican Honeymoon."





"Blah Blah" Richard Bleaman out yadda yaddas Jerry Seinfeld with this one.




Alisa Brown takes tactile to the third dimension in a textile textured tour de force, "Tropical Queen"

Can it be felt?




Laura Farrandiz climbs up Mount Olympus in homage to the "Greek Gods"


Down below, it looks like a demonstration or celebration, can't tell which.




Chip Gallagher's "Accumulated Brevity"


Nuff said.




Laura Katz is TAU solo artist extraordinaire.

Her wallpaper inspired mixed media montages evoke dreams and memories.



Babette Kiesel painted this unusually well documented work of art entitled,

"View From Ringwood Manor toward Cooper Union's Old 1000 Acre Green Camp"




Perez Montero engineers his constructions in a clever way that makes the image shift as you move past it.

This time he created a golden altar for the image "Homage to Monet Water Lillies"



Lou M Pollack knows how to hurrah, as exhibited here in "We Won (The End Of The Tunnel)"



Every once in a while you come across a perfect pumpkin. This Valiant Haloween decoration has at least one (probably more) flat tires.

Faye Storms "3 Pumpkins"






Richard Treitner Is the "King Of All I Survey"

That's why they call him a shaman

Blessed be.

See you at the next opening at Arts Upstairs. Now go back to Art Safari