ANYTHING GOES! This is an open show, open to interpretation, and the opening was an open house! Arts Upstairs is open to all artists! "...In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked at as something shocking, but now lord knows... ANYTHING GOES!

Anique Taylor

Christina Varga

Dana Fraser

Dave Channon

Democracy in a Box

Gavin Owen

Jennifer Hathaway

John Kilb

Jordana Hysell

Joyce Ann Wlodarczyk

Judith Singer

Kevin Green

Jeslie Bryce

Margaret Owen


Mike DeGrezia

Pamela Monroe Morgan

Polly M. Law

Sandra Palmer Shaw


That's how it went at Anything Goes. But it's still going and it won't be gone until July 9th. So come and visit and see the rest of the show... Call for info: 845-688-2142 or email us!