Black And White... It's just that simple. Ebony and Ivory. The classic New York cookie. The LA patrol car. Obama and Biden. 1950's TV. Film noir.

Forget shades of grey with all their ambiguity. No more moral relativism. Either you're with us or you're agin' us.

Gavin Owen conjures up a New Yorker magazine cover on the subject of New Yorkshire Yorkies. The title is cleverly incorporated into the imagery, "A Pet Store."





On the deep black end of dark shadows lies the inexplicably existential Scott Ackerman.  Scott also helps me out by referencing the title of his output within the ridgid framework of the picture plane.




"Ape" by Dave Channon is an example of his early what - the - hell? period. Several of the structures in this collage no longer exist in reality. That's why the ape is puzzled.

Ahhh...   Back to the fundamentals. After all, what distinguishes us from the apes, really? Opposable thumbs? No!

It is the enlaged gluteus maximus that enables homo erectus to rotate the spine and stand upright on two legs!  It allows us to rise above the animals!

Michael Bishop wasn't thinking about these things while painting "Waiting Game."

Thanks for "Tank" Christopher Haydu.

The feelings for that weapons system is so real, the all-night eye pouches, the belly button, the beard.

I used to be into battleships, still am, I admit.



Babette Kiesel hurls double bolts of thunder in "57th St Studio Nude."

The Art Students League?

I had always thought the rumbling was due to subway trains rolling below ground!


Here is a good reason why we might want to reconsider casino gambling.


Robert Lipgar's gritty depiction of "Bingo at the State Fair."


A photo by Phil Mansfield of a young fellow on his way to a State Fair, no doubt. The kid was Killian Mansfield and you can make a donation to his foundation.

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Destination Rising Sun has lived up to her name in this eerie critique on the intersection of modern religion and the constraints of urban infrastructure titled,

"Ground Zero Cross 2002."


This treatise on black and white arcania has me pigeonholed!

Eskimo glasses and cowgirl purse, what a combination from Fern Seuss.

She is "Driven to Assemblage."



A hermitage, a cloister, a cottage, a cabin, tucked away in the sugar frosted forest. Helene Weissman's "Snowy Yard" is all of those chillin' things.


Faye Storms has taken the solo room by storm due to a sudden change of weather. Her amazing skies are uplifting.

Almost as good as gluteus maximus.


I dive into the deepest ocean of femaleness, the engulfing gulf, the veritable clam... to find Sandra Palmer Shaw's "Luminus."

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