Bronson Eden and Lynn Fliegel share the solo room this month. It's a category 5 exhibition  with sustained imagery over 175 pictures per hour. What started as a topical storm has intensified into an art tsunami. Stock up on paintings, batteries and aerosol cheese before the shelves are bare.

Bronson Eden. Art By The Yard. A "Yart Sale".

Witness Bronson Eden's cavacade of synth art. No photography, drawing or painting. Untouched by human hands. It is done in a mathmatical swirl of electrons and spit out on an ink jet. Archival. One of a kind.





I am beholden to Bronson's tiny house, tiny breast vision of utopia.


Recall Soylent Green's reference to "furniture". What would a tiny palace be without a tiny queen?




Lynn Fliegel: Earth Mother, giver of flowers, sweetness of spirit. Provider of flower paintings.




Lynn Fliegel's "Art by the Yard"

Why do bees make honey? Why not? I would if I could. See a denseness of Fliegel. Honey is sweet nonetheless.




Channon also sells art by the yard (or meter as you prefer.)



Valerie Owen is sincere. It shows in her brush.

I'm thinking of getting some guinea fowl after seeing her Painting; "Two Guinea Fowl".



John Hynes Went To Paris  He captured moments.  These paper fragments ar all we have left!




Lynn Davidson is Phoenicia's Ambassador to Cuban Artists. This painting is by Cesar Roman. Let us hope Cuba wil escape Irma's worst.





Frank Ciofalo created "Gigaquata". A turquoise crusted god icon that preserves ones and zeroes.


I Dunno. Who did it? The "Unknown" Artist?


Dangly threads give only a small cue.

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