A good reason to celebrate: This year the Earth's wobble brought the shortest day two weeks early, so we are already two weeks closer to the sun.  So where are the good parties at? If you know of some good ones let me know!

Now on to the art...






Ann Byer is a party animal. She really knows how to tie one on.

In this case, specializing in a holiday seasonal affective disorder, a kleptomaniacal modality:

Where Have All The X Mas Ties Gone?





Tom Rapin dances a jig saw fractal stomp in An O of X's


Patricia Charnay occupies a solo room and overflows into the halls. This Iris glows in a celestial sky.




Jacqueline Barnett splashes through the picture plane like a Joyous Fish leaping into the air. Her solo room show is a tsunami of paint.





Lynn Fliegel has a painterly blast like amoebas in love!  AKA Blue Abstract II








Bronson Eden takes the grand prize for the longest and most meaningful title, "At this very moment PFC BradleyManning is being tortured by your governmentto coerce his cooperation in the assault on Wikileaks."


The installation is very good too.





Astrid Nordness has created an entire ecosystem of biological entities intertwined in a symbiotic extravaganza. The title of this habitat for alien fauna is Studies in Black & Grey





Ze'ev Willie Neumann really nails it with this icon, Out Most Fear. Yum!




Liz Smith takes a mountain gorge and transforms it into an emotional precipice, A Woman Scorned.




Robert Ricard remids us that there are happy elves nearby to keep the holidays cheerful. This reminder is called North.


Enjoy yourself and have a great holiday!


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