Selections from the Comedy Tragedy Fantasy Show @ Arts Upstairs - April 16-May 15, 2005

Greetings! I'll be your irrepressible docent for an art safari through the current show. Remember to take your aesthetic malaria tablets. Disclaimer! No artists were harmed in the production of this exhibit. Ha, Ha, only kidding... Well it's a comedy tragedy fantasy, right? I'm fantasizing that you will come and visit our gallery in person. If you don't, that would be a real tragedy, since these are only a tiny fraction of the outstanding works on display.

Click away! - Dave Channon


Anique Taylor Yes/No

Babette J Kiesel Pagliacci

Bronson Eden Still Life With Devil

Gavin Owen Dinner @ Pablo's

Dana Fraser Portrait Tryptich

Dave Channon Laughing Whale

Ellie Bernstein Wall Hanging

Clara Steiner Coney island



Richard Treitner Dental Trauma


Tim Slowinski Fruit Face

Leslie Bender Knowledge Of Artemis

Jesse Owen Portrait Of A Dummy

Nikki Peone Kipepeo

Jason Hammond The Isn't That Sublime Altar Piece

Jose Acosta A Day in Life