Comforting Illusions can help get you around uncomfortable realities. And Art is all about illusion... unless you are an abstract expressionist... in which case the splatters and dribbles are actually real. So delightfully deceive yourself at The Arts Upstairs. Enjoy comfort food and comfort drink at the opening receptions every third Satudray of the month. This time, Scott Ackerman is the featured solo artist . His grotesque delusional scrawlings contrast sharply with his reasonable and good natured personality. Which is the real delusion?



Here is "Please Shut Up" by Scott Ackerman, solo room artist. Enfant Terrible, walker in the Gucci Loafers of Basquiat, prolific texter and texturer of tortured alter ego, cynical sneerer against academic skill sets, and surprisingly successful despite it all. Or perhaps because of it all. Remember the Dixie Chicks? Shut Up and Sing? Scott: Don't shut up.

Sage Bernhard is just a kid but she already knows the score. It's Corporations one million and people ZERO.  Beneath it all, she knows that without trees we would all be up fecal creek without a paddle.  "No Tree No Me"

Robert Craig is an associate of my friend Ron English. His Sephen Kingesque "Metropolis 2" shows just how much mightier the pencil is than the sword.  Or Kryptonite for that matter. The foreground piles of ground chuck are what's left of humanity after the alien grinder ray gets finished McDonaldizing us.

John Byer lost 23 spinner lures catching this "Fisherman's Dream". Forget about all his trout torpedos that got buried in the muddy muck after missing their target.

Maraleen Manos Jones lives in on curious island with Boy, Jane and Tarzan. It is somewhere between Atlantis and the Sargasso Sea. Climb the ladder to achieve "Harmony in the Land of the Goddess".

Dave Channon also has visions of the goddess. "La Lune"  is a winged wiccan with a five pointed spiral star belly and six pointed star breasts. He (me) is covering all the bases just in case.

Robert Lipgar's "Study in Chrome" is a motorcycle mama's wet dream. I do love to see the shiny chariots line up and down Main Street in Phoenicia.

Darrin Morgan and Donnie Bush are creating a new art space in Fleischmanns where they are cutting cold steel with a plasma torch. It's a stark contrast between the natural wildlife and the wild technology of their ion blaster. "The Cleaning Crew" makes short work of a buck that has stopped here.

Lee Sana comes on strong with "The Tiger". Watch out for the cat's claw. This feline phantasm isn't about to turn into butter anytime soon.

Sunday Dawne-Marie includes an inspring poem with this drawing titled "A Blue Flower". I urge you to visit this gem in person to read the entire poem. Or to get this visual poem permanently etched on your body.


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