One Art World Indivisible! Cuba is in The Arts Upstairs house. Lynn Davidson travels to Cuba in search of art. She was not detained or sent to Guantanamo. Miracles happen! She returned with a treasure of Cuban art including vibrant, fruity color portraits by C. Cesar Roman. Thank you Lynn! Cuba has been disrespected far too long. Many more challenging and arresting artworks are on the walls. Come and visit the show to see for yourself how artists can save the world with mutual respect and admiration.



C. Cesar Roman has an expo of paintings in the solo room.


Roman is a romantic.


Drab is not an option.


Big eyes are windows to the soul.


Very kissable lips.



C. Cesar Roman


Fondness for fish!




C. Cesar Roman


More fruits of the sea.





C. Cesar Roman


Chicken is no stranger to Cuban cuisine.





C. Cesar Roman


Hard to interpret this one.


Is that a dispenser of folded paper boat hats?



C.Cesar Roman


Fish and flowers.


It is said that fish is brain food.





Several other artists are represented in the Cuban Expo.


Here is a work on paper by Jota F.


Is he dreaming of the king?






Vasquez knows sometimes a cigar is just a good smoke.


Particularly in Cuba!




Victor Velardi had me going for a minute.


I thought "Plane Talk" was made by Lenny Kislin.


But his sense of humorous word play is different from Lenny's.






Douglas Maguire's "Winter Fire" roars with crackling heat.











Robert Draffen painted "Bottles and Fruits".


A very classical take on modern art from the early 1900s school of fauve and cubism..












Robert Draffen coming at you again with "Figure on Bed".


Possibly projecting his style to the 1940s.


Is that an American Flag draped over her hips?





To conclude:


Dan McCormack explores the bounty of breasts in his cellphone print "T_01_28_17_2052"


(The title is a bit reminiscent of "THX 1138")


I like his tender appreciation for natural women who don't conform to the Playboy standard.


But where do the flashing daggers fit in?


Hollywood has indelibly connected sex and violence in our culture.


Ultimately we are all vulnerable to deadly force.



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