"Plein Air" is painting from nature directly. It became popular in the latter nineteenth century as an antidote to the conventions of studio painting. Barbizon, Hudson River School and Impressionist artists got their portable easels and (newly developed) tubes of paint and tried to capture the fleeting light and color of the all outdoors. The November solo room hosts a group show of Plein Air painters from the region and here are some selections from the show...


Deb Brindis captures the pungency of "Scapes" in muted earthy watercolor tones.



Oneida Hammond goes fuschia and chartreuse in the very detailed study "My favorite Iris".


Patrice Lorenz busts out in gutsy pastel and charcoal with "Sunflowers 2".


Dan Williams slathers it on with fresh gestural strokes in hid "Old Phoenicia".


Not Plein Air, but Plein good...

Douglas James Maguire probably didn't paint "Drakanos" while scuba diving, or else we might call it "Plein Water". The swimmer seems more naively rendered than the blowfish or sunken statue... I wonder why?


Hope Pesce also has a childlike approach to her art, combining toys, pretty beads and charm bracelet letters in this very charming "All The Pretty Horses".


Frank Ciofalo pays homage to religious iconography in "The Last Feast". Only this time it our society engorging on Alaskan oil. Jesus has an all-seeing Masonic pyramid head and the disciples are petro-CEOs.

Closely resembles the Trump Cabinet.

Come on up to The Arts Upstairs and see the whole show. The next opening will be Saturday, Dec 17. See you there!