Holey Cow it's 20 below! So how low can you go? If it's Limbo then the lower the better. Jan Sosnowitz's solo show is so low it achieves universal oceanic unconciousness. How so?


This hairy pseudomorph is a perfect example of uni-versal language.

No matter what your dialect, it is one of the "49er Series"


"Red Crow" sings a familiar tune. It is harmonic with Bear's Ears. An ingenious indigenous pre-written language representation recognizable throughout the world.


The title "Chopstick Diptych" ignites my love of titles. I understand the reason why and that is satisfying.

I was once part of a show called "Cryptic Triptych" so I'm partial to the title.


Jan Sosnowitz is a master draftswoman. She cuts the (contour-line) mustard in my book.

Artists sometimes enjoy comparisons. "Needles" remids me of Andy Warhol fashion drawings.


"Jaws"... The perfect title. I appreciate perfect titles.

I just hate it when a work is called "Untitled #346."

The anatomically accurate bicuspids really turn me on.



"Wish Bone" just begs for plucking. I used to keep an unsnapped collection of them.

My money is on the right leg.


"Symbiotics" Confronts you as you enter the Jan Sosnowitz zone. It is big. It is primitive.

It croons in Zimabweyan and Tuva throat singer tribal iconography.

Thank you Jan for a most satisfying introspective retrospective indeed.



There are way more artists in the December 2017 show.

Astrid Nordness is fluent in biomorphic caligraphy.

This picture of "Vases" looks like it is undergoing cellular subdivision.


John Hynes is the American in Paris.

"Weekend in Paris" speaks French and so do I.

Oh, should we?

Shut the door!

Yes, I love it.



"Tipping Point" by Dave Channon (me) conflagrates a wobbling toy spinning top, a bleached coral and a dying Niobe.

An ecological, illogical argument with existence.

Hovering above the horizon and hoping the top tips the right way.




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