The Garden of Earthly Delights... In Xanadu did Kubla Kahn a stately pleasure dome decree and then George Bush bombed the hell out of it. We still have an Earthly Delight up here in Arts Upstairs country and the local artists (like local tomatoes) ripen on the vine of inspiration. Follow me down the delightful garden path and gaze through rose tinted spectacles at the spectacle of splendor that is ours to enjoy... unless George Bush bombs the hell out of it.

Pip Merrick is turning Japanese, you know she's turning Japanese I really think so... with this bamboo inspired ceramic "Porch Picture."

May the bruebird of happiness fry up your nose.

Leslie Geertsma responds to "Pheromones" as do Japanese beetles, and the Timber Lake summer camp counselors that swarm in equal numbers every night at local watering holes. Smells like teen spirit to me. Thank heavens for spandex and the good old USA.

Although this specimen is kind of small, a fully grown adult Terror-dactyl could reach 937 and a half feet and weigh over 2001 tons four ounces. When it emitted its characteristic shriek, it would have been louder than a very loud lawn mower at 7 AM outside your bedroom window while you are still trying to sleep.
Professor Dave Channon estimates that a fully grown Terror-dactyl could easily fill Giant Stadium with its trapezoidal spoor in about two hours. That is how it got its name.
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Margarete deSoleil has added a new wrinkle on painted turtles with "Turtle 1"

It kind of reminds me of an aboriginal blueberry pie.


I can't wait for turtle 2.

"Jewels" by Justin Love came just in the nick of time just in case you were wondering.

I'm a big fan of Justin's paintings. His expressions make it look so easy and natural.

Christina Varga happened to be in the gallery when I stopped by to drop off my sculptures. She said this is the best painting in the show.

Varga calls it the best. Scott Ackerman calls it "Man."

There's something about Erin Paroubek. (also about Carmen Diaz.)

Welcome to Arts Upstairs, Erin.

I think this is the best painting in the show but what do I know (that Christina doesn't ?)

The third eye comes right out at me.

I gotta find out why Erin calls it "The Clearing"


Every garden of earthly delights needs a gardener, John Jackson's "Jazz Singer" is wearing the right hat for the job.

It reminds me of the scene in "The Manchurian Candidate" (the original) where the prisoners thought they were being interviewed by New Jersey gardeners.

(Also known as Cave Man’s best friend, or Allyoopamus Domesticus.) It belonged a widely diversified branch of the dinosaur evolutionary tree (if you believe in that stuff.) This unfortunate creature was obviously fossilized instantly during a game of beg for the bone.
Professor Dave Channon has narrowed the genus to a rare sub species, the Short-Hair Shovel-Mouth Hammer-Tongue Cockerspanulus Allyoopamus Domesticus Maximus.
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Internationally acclaimed silk painter Ina Kozel painted these fabulous "Wedding Chupas."

Perhaps we should have a double Jewish wedding in the gallery to take full advantage of them.

Rich Morris "Dances to please the Goddess"


Blessed be.

Gavin Owen proves that a little dab'll do ya.

It's dee-lightful

It's dee-licious

It's dee-vulva.


"Woman With Lady White" is the title.

This month's award for the longest and most provocative title is Richard Treitner's "Destruction Of Childhood Through Duplicity With Blue Fido" Who is he cheating on?

AKA "Bon Voyage."

His title saves me the job of trying to think of something meaningful to say.

Bronson Eden is mixing multiple millieus in this exquisite graphite drawing, "Bedtime Story."

I'll let you be in my dream if you let me be in yours.

Bob Dylan said that.


Lucy Mahler has pulled down the shades and served us a glass of warm milk.

Now it's time to say good "Night"

Good night, sleep tight.

See you at the next opening at Arts Upstairs. Now go back to Art Safari