Express Yourself! It's not what you're DOING when you're DOING what you're DOING... It'e when you LOOK LIKE what you're DOING when you're DOING what you're DOING... And you look mah-velous doing it. Let the inner child out of the cupboard. Fly your freak flag high and howl while some other expressionist-exhibitionist shoots the moon in your general direction.



Harper Blanchet knows how to stroke a mean canvas. "Untitled 2004" shows the chromatic expressionist staircase that led to his more recent black paintings.





Dave Channon's collage "Pat, Pat, Pat" links golfing and ballet with a dash of haberdashery to a hornpipe jig.



Here's a "Shellelagh" trapped in a coagulated quadrilateral twilight zone of congealed pigment by Fred Duignan.





Peter Head wins the best homemade Audobon-bon bird on a barbed wire award...

and the top prize for handwriting excellence in this "Florida Scrub Jay"





Lenny Kislin makes more sense out of the "US Economy" than a room full of  egghead academic experts.


Let's hope this trainwreck wasn't carrying tankers of radioactive waste.



I included a whole constellation of works to convey just how outside Eve Otto is. The unorthodox use of shipping peanuts and plastic wrap are just two conceptual handles on her free wheeling solo room exhibition.




Gavin Owen conjures the hairiest best friend a man ever had, "Coco".



Tom Rapin dribbled a duet of color field canvasses titled "Positive Threshold"

Positively illuminating.



Shuriken Didn't title this painting "Untitled" for nothing. Why, then?


Judith  Singer knows a good nervous breakdown when she sees one. The large gauge is reading zero on the black/grey matter richter scale. The rose carries her own barbed wire in "Choices, Too Many Choices".



Lizz Smyth hangs a hot sunset on the old town tonight in "Fury".




Chloe Valentine has an imperial air. Here, in a heavily varnished whalebone corset is a queen fit for a queen titled "Proper Attire".


Mighty Xee tells it like it is for too many unfortunate souls. Untimely ripped from the womb and a sign of the times to boot. "True Story". Who am I to doubt the veracity?



Well...     Da dggita diggita diggita... that's all folks!    See ya next time.     Back to the safari!