Flights Of Fantasy... The terrorist color scale is orange, so take off your reality boots, pass through the explosive sniffer, get your very tiny dose of x-ray body scan, enjoy a complimentary packet of pretzels, and glide over the occasional pockets of turbulence associated with free artistic expression. Do not attempt to adjust anything. Here it is.

Harper Blanchet is the enigmatic possessor of the solo room this month. #153 is a perfect example. A ridgid linear framework, somewhat reminiscent of the cathode ray tubes he disdains, is fertilized with unapologetic brutal strokes of paint.

Uh, one more thing. #136

Dave Channon tackles a metaphysical yet somehow anthropomorphic inter-species motif with "Gee Dad". The baby is in awe of dad's ability to flash colors. Dad the practicing the pallette of cement.

Patricia Charnay is diving into Irises. This one is titled "Iris #4" I can smell the elixir, feel the sunshine and air, as well as the delicate petals.

So the Phoenicia Library burned. I personally wrangled 30 wheelbarrows full of burnt books in the cleanup. Life goes on and Scott patterson cranked out this uncharacteristic homage melange "From the Ashes"

Erica Minglis proves that all good things do not necessarily come in small packages. "Rock Climbing" remids me of the Frank Sinatra line, "...big  city girls who live up the stairs, with all their perfumed hair, that came all undone, when I was 21." Flights of Fantasy indeed.

Astrid Nordness combines arthropology, amoebiology, botany, and a smidgen of anthropology in her paintings, drawings and ceramic creations. The painting on top is called "Sonny Got Caught in the Moonlight".

Judith Singer is what's known in the parlance as an angel. I guess this is a bit of an unconcious self portrait, "Spring Maiden".

James Love Cromwell IV made "Torso" It goes well with the Spring Maiden.

While on the subject of torsos, I must dangle alongside Richard Treitner's cheek-in-tongue "Tarot: The Well Hung Man".

e..DeHaven picks a lofty perch for "Amores"

Christina Varga knows how to draw flies. This assemblage is called "Flights of Fancy" just to be different!

My fave pick of the show is "Watch Time Fly" by Richard Steingerg. The hands of the clock are like propellers propelling us forward. Peanuts or pretzels?