Flower Power - I assumed this would be a summer of 69 super hippie peace and love show, you know, pistils, not pistols! But NOOOOOO. It's about flowers. How soon they forget. However. In honor of springtime I will stop and smell the roses, fuschias, lilacs, and that's just the pigments. Wait till I get to the petals. She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me...


Nancy Leilah Ward gives the right answer with an emphatic "Yes!"

Either we are observing pollen granules in flight, ultraviolet radiance, ultralovely fragrance, or some form of cosmic caterpillar repelling pheromone, I shall never know.



Maggie Ens is an old colleague of mine from the Urban Jungle, the natural habitat for "Sylvan", the kind of flower that grows between the cracks in the pavement and the crackheads on the pavement.


Which brings me to Jimmy Hogsknuckles' quest for flyer, "Let me Out Of Here."

I'm gonna guess that Jesus, Martin Luther King, Oblamov and Baryshnikov are all praying in their own way for the safe return of a parachute man who doesn't want to be there.


Anique Taylor lifts us skyward with "Air Altar."

While the imp of the perverse is constantly telling us to jump, the artist tells us how to leap.



Mona Jacobs is looking down from the heights at Slide and Panther mountains on "Timberlake Road."

I have stood where she was standing.


Ernie Serra can honestly say "I Love My Job."

If he started sweeping from this end of the room, he wouldn't get such a crick in the neck.


Erica Hornburg-Cooper gives a glimpse into the life of a not too grim reaper in "Hard Day's Work."

We all can't be lillies of the valley.


Jacquie Roland is busy sowing while others are busy reaping in "Sowing Fireflies."

It's a pixilated, twinkling magical job, but someone's gotta do it!


Polly Law delivers a cup runneth over solo show with this series of perfectly delightful creature creations called "The Word project."

Each one has a Latin name, but it's all Greek to me.


Marian Cohen takes us from the sublime to the sub-human with a geneological conun-drum called "Bush Tree-The Money Tree."

Bring back the Guillotine, but first sieze all the assest of the ass.


James McColgan has invented an alternative to the electric chair (or the Guillotine for that matter...)

"Flower Power Planter" may not work as a seat, but those in the seat of power would do well to pay attention to the message.



Deborah Joyce remind us that roots are the foundations of plants and people alike.

"Metamorphous Emerging" represents microrhizomes (here seen as little squiggly copper wires) in their symbiotic relationship between plant and soil.


Lynn Fliegel makes "New Life" look easy, which, in springtime, of course, it is.


I will conclude this Art Safari with a soulful pair of Cro-Magnons by Bobby Blitzer called "Early Angels."

I hope they are praying for us to have a sweet and happy month until the next time we meet.


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