Well it's Yule. Glug, Glug, Glug. Time for the HOLIDAY show.
Leadeth me not into Sam's Club. Thy Mall-Wart and thy plastic stuff causeth me to lie down on the Posturepedicdic. But before I do, let's have a seat on Santa's lap... or visa versa! 
Unleash your impulse purchase gremlin!   Art Safari here we come.
Sheryl Anderson Calls this a collage table and that is the understatement of the century.
Julia Martos de Aruaje Walks like An Egyptian in Enigma Ascentrales 2
Harper Blanchet gives us a peek through Janet's Window.
TAU solo room artist is Jean Campbell
Honor Thy Misfortune...
but be thankful you are fortunate enough to see this painting.
Chance Fraser captures the bituminous sludge-like quality of a 19th Century Self Portrait.
Wendy Grossman (Studio 78) is a painter of many things and Ah Ha is the satori of them all.
Lenny Kislin has posed a challenge. Draw the blade, Excalibur!
The powerful magnet might mess up a pacemaker or two.
Raffie Leguini made this trick bench out of Ashokan driftwood.
Sitters beware!
According to someone who either knows or knows better, Lou Ai Lian's painting,Chaotic Love, is not supposed to represent female genitalia.


Erica Minglis takes mascara to the cutting edge.

She is Looking Sharp For The Holidays.

Now we bid you all a warm Holiday season.

It ocurs to me that some of you artists might want high resolution expertly made photos of your artwork... Drop me a line!


Yule come back now, y'hear?