That's The Way I see it... visions not to be confused with hallucinations, nor opinions with beliefs.  An optical riff off "That's The Way I Heard It." Sometimes known as artistic license, not to be confused with a permit to play for change on the subway.



Miriam Bisceglia sums it up in"Girl".

The eyes have it


in an original aboriginal slant on the eternal female.



Patricia Charnay delivers flowers. In this case it's an

"Iris work in progress".

A flower's work is never done.








This provocative gazing

charcoal beauty is titled "Desire Trance"


The extra kissable lips are linguistically delicious.


Thsanks, Mason Durrin.






John Jackson cracks me up big time. He is so silly. And so is "Fiddle Head"








Ronnie Jai has gone completely native and I'm putting on my grass skirt as we speak.


We are going here: "Tropical Palette".





Ingrid Mazerat has some great photos in the solo room. This one is after my own heart as I grew up in Queens, not too far from where "Long Island" was taken.






Erica Minglis is a true humanitarian. She finds people very tasty.

And I find her collages extra mouth watering when liberally sprinkled with her creative juices.

IE: "Seeing Stars".





"Assencion" is eye popping.

Ellen Miret fractures fairy tales in this mosaic.



Rita Schwab's scientifically crafted creations will last ten thousand years.


And yet, Plant A Garden" is as new as spring.



Anique Taylor doesn't so much paint, as confect eyeball candy.



I'm sure she mixes sugar into her pigments. There's no other Earthly explanation for "Riverside Drive"..






Kenn Whyte meditates on the mystical with "Jerome AZ Treasures".



This and many other treasures await your visit to the solo room at Tha Arts Upstairs.