It's About Time...   As Einstein once said (according to R. Crumb) "We can put a man on the moon but can't get along with our wives."  Well, time is of the essence, and has many stitches in it. Wormholes aside, time waits for no man. Just worms! So don your pendulum and solar dials, count the grains of sand through the hourglass, listen for the tell-tale tick-tock, just before the alarm clock falls off the nightstand, the waterglass breaks, and the nurse whispers, "Room for one more, honey!" At TAU there is always room for more than one more. And as the midnight hour approaches, the hour of the wolf, pull the comforter up to your chin and brace yourself for the chime for whom the bell tolls... on this month's Art Safari.


It's about time we get the American Spirit. Ann Byer's montage confessional to the tobacco Jesus casts a smoky pallor on the course of our president.


Did she (he) smoke all those cigs? Can I bum one? Will he pull out of Afghanistan?



Hello Dalai

This is Pope, Dalai

It's so nice to have you back where you belong.

Bronson Eden ticks suspiciously while his clock of tock chimes

Kevin Green barks up the right tree with his steam pipe K9.

What is the cylindrical protuberance below what appears to be a tail?


Now Ezra Silverman knows how to price a sculpture.  Union!  Union!


The lacy doily effect reminds me of an old hillbilly refrigerator behind the shootin' porch.

John Byer is the exalted solo room artist this month.

I am a total fan of this kind of mirror art, window pane art & crusty flake paint art. You can see who is sneaking up behind you. And it makes the room seem bigger, too.


Did you know that after each solo room artist has their show, they are eaten by the members of Arts Upstairs?


You thought those were chicken wings at the opening?!?

Lucy Lasky does some ticking on her own metronome.

As the sands of time pass through the hourglass waist of Sophia Lauren, Sea Bisquit snouts out the competition.


Somehow Lasky's encaustic cloud slows down light rays enough to make the invisible visible.

Ken Lovelett bangs the gong slowly. But he taps the bongo fast.

Don't even try to keep time.

It's the one thing you can't.

My only note I could find about this sculpture is "Medusa"

Will the artist contact me with name and title?

I freely admit this is a ploy to see if any of you have gotten this far on the Art Safari!

Dakin Moorehouse rips apart the carbonaceous veils of conciousness and reveals a mystery that I'm not sure I'm ready for.


Wake me when it's over!

I like this nativity because the Mary figure looks like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie.

Shaw has flipped me out with this turtle bowl.

I swam with a turtle in Hawaii.

You should try it.

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