One month away from the Phoenicia/Shandaken Studio Tour.
PSST!   Spectacularissimo!
TAU (The Arts Upstairs) is the Zen equivalent of  WHACK ON THE HEAD. That's good! See this show only if you are prepared for a SATORI.
Of course, we are dripping with anticipation of the PSST!  So grab your appreciation hankie and prepare for another voyage into the savannah of aesthetics. The June 2014 Art Safari at The Arts Upstairs in Phoenicia NY.
But before you get too carried away, take a closer look at Christina Gardner's work in the solo room show!



Christina Gardner throws down the art gauntlet with this challenge: "Where's Waldo" is a mud puppy, near as i can figure, and it's good luck to see one. Now you have!

Christina Gardner is also an enthusiastic dripper. Brian Powers was dripping with praise for "Drip Paintings" at the opening. He was particularly obsessed with the wrist motion that must have been employed.



Here is an enigma. Is that GOOD? Makes you think. S B Woods, Susan Brown, come in. What is burning? Cold now. "Chard Wood" Blackest chard I ever saw.



A simple declarative statement from a child to a father who is demonstrating the technique of showing concrete colored camoflage as a ife lesson on how to escape detection in Pasadena. Not easy to do for a creatrure of nature.

"Gee, Dad." By Dave Channon



John Byer. Another PSST! artist. Hoodathunkit? Shiny wood in a tight mirrored enclosure. "Nun in the Wine Box" indeed. Possibly the blue nun?



Bronson (never abandons his vision of) Eden has submerged corroded pipes under a perfectly pretty seascape. Why would he go and do that? On top of it all, he must know by now how much I despise the title  "Untitled". Bronson Eden is a PSST! Artist, so what are you gonna do?



Lynn Fliegel has been framed. Free Lynn Fliegel. The Free Lynn Fliegel 7 are waiting on the courthouse steps to demand the release of Lynn Fliegel's "Summer Series #1" (At least it's a title!)



Gallagher has a Chip on his... shoulder? Or is it just a woodie?

This is one big splinter that would make any "Kundalini Cowboy" wince in agony around the campfire. Visit Chip Gallagher's aerodrome treehouse on the PSST! art studio tour, July 18-20.


Kevin Green dials up another wacky head. It seems to be titled "$275".


Peter Mayer's studio is in "Arkville", across the street from the Catskill center for Conservation and Development. I don't recall any tenement buildings there.


Astrid Nordness is in the PSST!, on Vision Path, off 28A in West Shokan. She shokan paint, as evidenced by "Avalanche in 7".


Gavin Owen will be on the 2014 PSST! in spirit only. Why did he have to "Go Away"?

Anique Taylor will be hosting a spoken word performance kick off party for PSST! at Mama's Boy on Friday, July 18 starting at 6:30PM. (Inside STS Playhouse in case of rain!) This mixed media creation is called "Persephone".


Richard Treitner will do his PSST! at the Big Indian Pow-Wow. Fall under his shamanic spell and you might end up like this.


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