It's not what you're doin' when you're doin' what you're doin'...
It's when it LOOKS LIKE what you're doin' when you're doin' what you're doin'...
EXPRESS YOURSELF! (one of my favorite songs, and entirely appropriate for this
show at Arts Upstairs.)


Barry DeBaun Has a great studio off 28 in Boiceville near the Trail Nursery. Go there and see many more fine works like this dreamy romantic print, "Lorri".


Betsy Ross personifies an indigenous "Herbalist" in what looks like hammered copper. Dig those crazy earrings!


Dave Channon, AKA: Me, is looking like Fidel Castro in this detail from "Fidel Dave and the Exploding Cigar".


Gavin Owen reminds us why Football is so popular in "Superbowl". The protuberance of buttocks and stylized postures look like dancing figures on a randy Greek vase. Gavin points out that the cheerleader on the right is getting groped.


God I love this painting by James Achstetter, curiously titled "Nov 2008". The spiny headdress looks like an Iron Maiden, but actually represents the worst headache ever. Count the fingers.


Jud Eden Has updated the classic lawn chair motif in "Adirondak Neon".


Judith Singer redefines the meaning of "Rats!" in this already sold parable of modern mashuganism, "Yet Another Computer Mishap".


Patricia Charnay evokes chilly wind blown twigs and Japanese Sumi ink drawings in "Winter Blue III"


Kathleen Evers continues the dry twig theme in "Memorial to John Moffat". This diorama comes complete with its own blue sky. Maybe TAU will have a diorama show... I would like that.


"Entrapment" by Melissa Koleshis. Why should we eat flies when there are nice juicy spiders? Butterflies are good, too. Nature can be cruel and cool at the same time.


Speaking of headaches, Here is a masterpiece by Mighty EEE, "Migraine IV". I think Mighty's self portrait looks like Margaret Thatcher but it mighy be my imagination.






Peggy Kay unveils this rumpled third of a triptych, titled "Looks Like". Is it Picasso or is it memorex?


Rita Schwab and Salvatore Scalisi stretch our imaginations to the snapping point with this mixed media masterpiece titled "Waterfall". The splendid play of texture and color combine textile, ceramic-like substrate and painted surface to spill over the rocks in our heads. Time to wake up!

Remember to come to the next opening at Arts Upstairs, every third saturday of the month at 7 PM in Phoenicia... We regret the loss of LImner Gallery, but Tim Slowinski has a moved to a great new space in Hudson on 123 Warren street. Good luck on your new gallery, Tim!

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