Once again, The Arts Upstairs did buffet thou with wine bread and cheese. Khalil Gibrand grinned. However. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, so let me count the sixteen ways I love thee in alphabetical order.



A is for ACOSTA

whose squiggles are a gas

between the boat and burro


have to pass.


A squggle of a different stripe

Reflecting Gangle's invention

willowy whip of wheat

Nothin' says lovin like a french maid outfit on your muffin on Valentine's day, particularly when it's a post apocalyptic ruin, ghost of Thunderbolt and super hero party. Manglord seems to be out of it.

C is for Coney Atlantis - Dave Channon won a purple heart for this one.

C is also for Chernoff, Stuart B, who seems to reject liberty while exercising it...

Fuck Liberty is about the second most offensive thing I've thought about today.

The first is the telltale slide into fascism of tourture camps like Guantanamo.


Let's sit by the magic waters with E.G. Cleveland.

Whatta relief!


Did'st thou remember to bring the wine, bread and cheese?

Jeff Crane's Colorful Leaves

...blow by my window... the autumn leaves of red and gold...



I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff.


Bronson Eden is definitely into his own alternate thermodynamics where a Perpetual Emotion machine generates copious discharges of love energy on a twenty four hour basis.


Philip Franklin does a duet with himself in Angels Singing.


Reminds me a little bit of the Mothra twins.

Troy Gangle made this conceptual nutcracker,

That Relationship.

The porthole from an old galleon is really a bit of old Zen Monestary rain gutter... Hooda thunkit?

Christine Howansky likes Love N Fun N so do I.


Hang it on your door, sis!

Speaking of doors, here is Lucy Lasky's 3 D Doors.

Knock Knock!


Pamela Martin punctures all romantic delusions in this latin valentine,


Or is it advanced "open heart" acupuncture?

Looks like quite a bit of cholesterol on those arteries!

Astrid Nordness tangles with the 3 holes of the trinity in Menage A Trois.

This game of twister is a mystery.

But I'm certain I know exactly what Chris Pyslopski means by Hopes (for Erich)

Obviously he hopes the big rock doesn't fall off the tree and that the little bird's egg will grow up and fly.


Am I right?

First you fly and then you die! Why cry?

Judith Singer maintains an upbeat sense of humor while contemplating the hellfires of damnation in Time Haunts Me

but it's allways 11 O'clock somewhere in the world and thus we may have a breakfast special.








Kimberly Woods brings a zany pink rainbow butterfly tutu confection to the rescue!

And it's always Time For Love right here in this time zone!

See you at the next opening at Arts Upstairs. Now go back to Art Safari