Man Woman Nature. The eternal triangle, Bermuda Triangle if you will. Someimes against your will...  though it is often hard to tell the difference.   A hard man is good to find.   Niagra Falls, slowly I turned. Inch by inch, step by step. Creep stealthily thorough the jungle and bag the endangered art rhino with me on this month's Art Safari.







Scott Ackerman has cornered the market on gruesome. It's all about how we feel inside, right?


In a Zombie vein, we are neck-bit by "Evil Man"


And he seems like such a nice man...










Judie Appleby catches a glimpse of the boathouse next to a mountain which David Bowie is rumored to own.


I think the structure is designed to accommodate hydroplanes. "Tempe's Pond"









Brian Batista pushes the corona with "The Spirit Charges To Come Off"

A very edgy work of art!








The "Love Bug" is not a Volkswagen.

It is a very romantic beetle that jousts rival males with his antlers.

Dave Channon did this one in which the beetle tries to keep fracking backwash inside a waste treatment pond.





We all can use a good sunset now and then.

Elizabeth Crocker brings us to the moors just before the wolfman wakes up...

"Heade Homage"




Elizabeth DeHaven painted this salty portrait of a freshwater Popeye,

"Russ From the Phoenicia Hotel"





Mona Jacobs helped out with the recovery from hurricane Irene.

The experience inspired her

to create

"Red Mud Phoenicia"






Lenny Kislin takes weatherbeaten every yesterday objects and entombs them in his catalog of art.


"Please Release Me" takes a little piece of my heart.



We wonder what came before but that is yesterday's papers.


The current neo-zombie situation compelled Melissa Kucia to attack the canvas with what happens after. "Aftermath".




Douglas James Maguire reports, we decide. Or was that Fox News?


I truly respect his representation of every tree and leaf.

"The Old Mill"



Gus Mancini does a double arpeggio on the keyboards of our retinas.


I didn't know he was a photogravure.


Now we have it.

Stephanie Skrabak dazzles, boggles, and scrambles several aesthetic eggs to make the omelette called "Will Stretch".

Is it a yoga testimonial or an offer to frame?




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