This month's show licks the "envelope" of Mail and Female A word game that delivers the thrills of playing post office while going postal and "getting in touch" with your feminine side. Or masculine side as the case may be.

Nevertheless, we begin our kidney busting ride in the Landscape Rover to visit Eeo Stubblefield's primitive tribe of green women getting in touch with their fruits and vegetables called "Lughnassadh."


"The Medusa Prophesy" by Eddie Giacoia has the makings of one whopper nervous breakdown. Good thing he doesn't work for the post office. Maybe the aliens won't be as bad as we are afraid of.

For a limited time you can make an offering to the "Relic Hand of St. Nucleotide." Sometimes a miracle happens but only if you really deserve it. Good thing Bill Campion boxed it in good, worshippers had already scarfed off with three fingers.


This snazzy post card was maled in by Pamela Martin and though it's hard to tell from this angle, this is "Ana/Ano Transgender Parrot." Sorta like Animus and Feminus the hemaphroditic siamese twins. With the proliferation of estrogen mimics in the environment, we'll be seeing a lot more bent genders.


When it comes to cosmic pizza with psycho anchovies, nobody can top the toppings of Richard Treitner. Here, in "Letter to a Self Destructive Planet" the smoked butterfly wings add a tex mex twist to what would otherwise be yet one more reminder that Soylent Green is people.


Sweet Bryar punishes men who guess wrong but in such a tender and gentle way as to almost make them want to give the wrong answer to the riddle. "Oedipus and the Sphinx" is about just such an encounter .


Tick Tock. When the clock strikes one the little egg pops open. Lenny Kislin delivered "Biological Clock", a veritable yolk incubator that tells the correct time twice a day.

Marc Crisafulli has captured the eternal duality inherent in the dielectric. "James and Nora Joyce" corresponded exactly to each other via postal ejaculations. Look it up.


Tom Fraser uses a mnemonic device to help him "Remember Ruby Cherry Marilyn", his home address and his zip code. Or was it pneumatic?


Wendy Grossman cubed herself in this "Self Portrait." Despite the funhouse mirror facetization, I think it's a good likeness.



It's a dirty job but everyone's gotta tongue wrestle with their doppelganger in the antimatter universe sometime. That's why I was so glad to have Jowe Head around. "Yum Yum" is what everyone said after his concert at Claude's. A collector's edition DVD of the live concert with behind the scenes interviews will be released soon. CLICK HERE TO ORDER COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD



So that wraps up another stimulating Art Safari. See you at the next opening of Arts Upstairs! - GO HOME -