Music And Art have charms to soothe the savage beast. While I may look like a hairy snorting animal with horns, as long as I can sniff the melody of the exhibition, I am peaceful as "Ferdinand the Bull." (A character from a children's book that came out during the Spanish civil war and was banned as too pacifist for Nazi Germany and Franco's Spain.)


Pamela Martin and Madeline Molyneaux festoon their party tower with a plastic Hors D'ouvres band in "Paradis Perdue et Retrouve."

I wonder if that's Frank Perdue chicken feathers on the upper bandstand.




Sage Byron plunks her magic twanger in the wet-in-wet rockstravaganza, "Sage and Guitar."

The shrieking fans are represented by numerous red blobs.




Jay Braman does windows and gives us a pane as he depicts the undepictable, namely invisible glass in "Clean Window visual." Were it not for the cleverly positioned label and shrieking fan, you would not be able to tell there was a pane at all.




"Satchmo Jazz Festival NO LA" Is enormous, maybe eight feet long and gives a peripheral view you-are-there ambiance to the mood of the atmosphere.

Ryan Reich's digital print is dancin' in the street.




Dave Channon limbers out a few karaoke kinks with "Internal Details."

But the Japanese manufactured stereo speakers only play in Japanese.




In the garden of Bronson Eden, Eve is a bucking bronco. But when Mr. Bones blows "The Famous Grand Finale", the flying mermaid slithers her flippers and shivers me timbers.




Bonnie Boren paints the blues in red hues and gets your bumper humpin' with "The Prime Movers."

It's after midnight, here comes Mustang Sally and the microphone smells like a beer.



Scott Ackerman prescribes primal bird nest therapy approach to mending broken arts. The theraputic chicks continue to chirp "Love Songs" untill you stuff their freaking gizzards full of worms.


Michelle Leggett gets a leg up on "World Music."

She can't stop her thigh from undulating in rythm to the music.

Look very closely at the mandolin map montage and you will find your own home town.


The perfect instrument for the Johnny One Note in your life...

the one-stringed "Art Music" by Stefan Eins. The sound hole's negative space says no dumbell.



Believe it or not, this is an "Ancient Guitar Prototype". Naked frets lend a skyscraper scale to this banjo neck axe.

Lenny Kislin returns to his rock and roll roots and strikes an oddly stringless chord.




Mark McCarroll has crystallized the quintessential fireworks light show guitar in this prismatic arpeggio across a major diatonic scale called "X-Mas Eve at the Woodstock Site."


Erica Minglis had the "Cheek" to hang this mud sloggin pair of Woodstock national buns underneath another photo called "Tongue."





Get ready for music lesson "Sonata 1." Polly lays down the Law with feet like metronomes, a fencing baton style and whale bone corset that makes a Viola out of her ribcage.

Voila! Viola!

(Make a note, tell Sparrow about french joke.)




Shelly Lipton has a "Twenty Twenty" vision of Jerry Garcia. Are those concert tickets or Pokey-Man cards?

The last time I was at a Grateful Dead concert, what normal people can see at twenty feet, my eyes could see at twenty million light years. Now that's what I call real twenty twenty.



Helen Kaufman blows Gabriel's Horn and the walls come tumblin' down. "Sousa" sums up the big brass from Satchmo to shofar, tuba to kazoo.

Well, the trombone trumpets the tune so we'll see you soon at Arts Upstairs. Next opening Saturday, June 16.