Exploring New Worlds



By the time Henry Hudson discovered

the New world, it had already been discovered

by Verrezano a hundred years before he crossed that bridge.

And 20,000 years before that, it was discovered by some homo sapiens who crossed

the Bering Straits. A billion years before that, it was discovered by the first amoeba,

but of course it was in a different place at that time altogether.

You begin to see the problem.

It can be summed up in one sentence fragment, "Been there, done that."

Or more precisely, "Oh, Snap!"

So with snap in mind, let's discover something altogether different but ironically similar at the same time.

Put on your aesthetiX ray specs and take a peek at the inner workings of the creative mind underneath

the grey globules we call brain.  EXPLORING NEW WORLDS

JOHN BYER is the first stop on the tour. What tour? Why the Shandaken Artist Studio Tour, of course. While this is called UFO's, I don't think he really meant it beloged to UFOs. Or maybe he did.

BRONSON EDEN did not want to be on the tour but it's kind of like being part of the CIA.

Once you get on, you don't get off. "BIRDS AND MAMMALS OF THE WEST" is his way of saying,

"Baby I like your upturned nostrills."

LYNN FLIEGEL painted this one

under the influence of Cod Liver Oil.

Theoretically there are FOUR FISH

but for the life of me I only see three.

Thre is always one that gets away.

What do you get if you cross

CHIP GALLAGHER with an octopus? 

The Shandaken Art Tour is one way to find out,

but hang on to your skivvies. 

WOOD CREATURE has only three tentacles

so it's at a distinct disadvantage.

Perhaps this number 3 was modeled after

"The Day Of The Triffids"

Your guess is as good as mine.


JESSE OWEN was on the tour in spirit

if not in body. They say every artist

always paints his or her own Self Portrait,

and this is no exception.

JAMES KNIGHT gives the casual viewer a real zets. The life of a pigeon is hard

but it stays dark all knight. It really seems as though SPIKED poses the question,

"what came first, the pigeon,

the spike, or the egg?"

Knight has the

solo room but his conjugal 

LINGA IN YONI suggests

a more group activity.

By now you may have begun to guess

that every artist included in this month's

Art Safari was on the

Shandaken Artist Studio Tour.

LUCY LASKY is no exception. This is called FLOWER.  

If you're going to Shan - An - Daken, you're gonna meet some gentle people there.

MARGARET OWEN gets right to the

pointellist. PURPLE MOUNTAINS has

a lot of majesty for a little painting.




Listening to lizards will do that to you.

I listened to a frog once.

He told me the truth.

MICHELLE SPARK takes a dip in the POOL.

It is not altogether unreminiscent of Monet's Water Lillies

and pehaps for the same reason.

ANIQUE TAYLOR keeps a watchful eye even while asleep.

Good trick if you can do it.

The VAN BASKIRK ANGEL can. Can you?

Some folks say RICHARD TREITNER is a nut. But that's a vicious shroomer.

I have met the shroom and he smudged me. It was the best time

(outside of Coney Island) of my 57 year life. Ask Harry Potter about

MRS. HACKER'S PROBLEM.  He will tell you.

BENNETT WINE is best served in oak kegs. That's why I included

his far flung Westkill studio into the Shandaken Artist Studio Tour.

BRONX Mr. CRUCIFORM subsidizes artists living in tenements. Or ninements.

Or Feenamints. That's what art, the hokey pokey,

and the Shandaken Artist Studio Tour is all about.