No Returns. As in "point of", which you will reach later.

That is our policy. No exchange, no refund and no returns. You can't go home, you can't get there from here, and there is no turning back. So relax!  You will not fall off the edge of the Earth, though the vanishing point is on the horizon. Even if you could, why would you want to go back to where you started from? Let's see what giant turtle's back the universe rests on in this month's Art Safari.




Eugene Green wins the Gruesomus Maximus award for the most demented version of Humpty Dumpty ever.

A genetic chimera with bulldog snout and muscular Max Ernst Borgnine legs... perfectly suited to climb back up the wall for another go of it.



Let the Eagle soar! Our Emblem Our Pride could easily have been a turkey if Franklin has his druthers. Instead he took his druthers with French women. F Barbet has found a lofty perch with this one.



Ana Bergen has captured the essence of wind walking with Walk With The Wind. The fishnet breeze has captured the day's legal limit.



OK, so I am a fan of anatomy. After all, it is the gluteus maximus that distinguishes Charlton Heston from the rest of the apes. Thanks to Julie Marcus, we can enjoy Cheeky while upright on our hind legs.



Dave Channon depicts the Point of No Return as a godlike Costa Rican Lantern Bug defoliating the forest while millions of automotive lantern bugs and oxymoronic freeways devour the Earth.



Babette Kiesel dances the charcoal light fantastic in her portrait of Dad the year he died at 58.

Forgive my macabre sense of humor but doesn't he look like Bing Crosby Van Gogh?




Let's all go to the picture show!

No, not at a fantastic gallery like The Arts Upstairs, but a REEL picture show.

This diorama has more 3-D than Clash of the Titans, but you can't see it on your measly 2-D computer.

Erica Minglis takes a breather from torrid depictions of female pulchritude with this seasoned tribute to Oscar wannabies of years gone by, A Thing of the Past




Somewhere over the rainbow, near the intersection of Play-Doh and Mucilage,  lies a land where Rober Ricard records all the derring do (and druthering) of super-heroes, super-villains, and the supercilious. Here is a super silly extrusion of a lesser known Legend.



This may very well be the Mount Olympus or the Mound of Venus from the perspective of apocraphy, but this month's solo room artist Ruth Silvers accentuates a positive aspect of the Granite State in New Hampshire Lake.



While we are discussing apocraphy, don't forget The Manticore, a Sphinx-like beast

dredged from the quagmire of proto conciousness by a diving bell captained by David Sloan.


Before returning to the surface, grab a hold of Leaping Trout by Tom Stratton. Let's toss that baby into the frying pan right away.
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