You can fool most of the people some of the time... But fools rush in and then say something foolish like I love you... But I'm Nobody's Fool this month and neither are you. So let's make fools of ourselves and jump in the fountain, or feed the birds...

Valerie Owen is a solo artist this month. Her show overflows with slices of life and Pigeon Lady reminds me of my mother.










Darren Morgan and Donnie Bush are Morgan Metalworks This Ram's Head Aries is plasma cut with clever bas relief.









Douglas James Maguire takes us on a trip to the Valley Of Plumes - Is that smoke from burning autumn leaves or fracking pads?












Erica Minglis crystalizes her sex and Tiffany fantasies on a frozen mirror of ice in Ice Queen.




We continue to skate on thin glass with a rocky ship at sea. What He Left Behind by Ellen Miret.




My Manhattan is Jodi Pearl's watercolor tribute to the big swirling apple.




Anique Taylor gets down in the deepest darkest jungle since Rousseau. Moon Roots is staying up late.




This rushing wild stream is called Valley River Flow by Jonathan Wilner.





Robert Craig knows pancakes when he sees them. And robots. Aunt Jemima and her Witnesses