Astrid Nordness is the solo artist of the month at The Arts Upstairs. What a show! A winter's worth of new work on paper, canvas, clay and oriented strand board or "OSB", which Astrid uses to ingenious textural extremes. Her work is so original it's ABORIGINAL! She has a unique artist voice and you should listen. Check out the April show at The Arts Upstairs!



It's biological, almost zygotic in cellular reproduction. Astrid Nordness has a burning passion for colors and shapes that makes mother nature green with envy.



Here's another Nordness work on paper that verges on the heiroglyphic. I see jazz music in the shapes.




Whoops! Another Nordness!

They say April showers bring May flowers, but what do April flowers bring?

Astrid's show was serenaded By a new face, Emily Ophelia.

Her big belting chops in the lower register came back with a gritty growl. John Coghill , Priscilla Bright and other special guests make up the "Chicken Night All-Stars".

Whole lotta music goin' on.




Bronson Eden surrounds a trailer treasure with trailer trash.

He is too modest and too real.

This is not fake anything.




Frank Duncan has some tasty figurative sculptures in the show.

We can all reflect on "Reflection".



Here are two more Frank Duncan figurines with a Kevin Green inbetween.




Take a closer look at Kevin Green's "Ground Bus".

Almost all thick solid copper. About $75 bucks worth.

A distinct departure from his steel art works.







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