Ol' Sol: I once knew a guy named Sol who ate onions like they were apples. This isn't about him. It's about 93 million miles away. And hotter than onions. But it's not really about onions either. All the artists on this month's safari are on the Shandaken Artist Studio tour and that's happening July 18 - 20th. Watch the video to get the idea, then go to www.ShandakenArt.com to really get the idea.


Before the Art Rhino crashes into your Timex, take a peek at Dave Channon's "Fidel Dave and the exploding cigar" that coincidentally features Ol' Sol. And me dressed up as Fidel Castro. Also, a partially deflated polyethelene nuclear cooling tower and a Jupiter made of silk that is just starting to inflate.



John Byer gives wood a new meaning in "Politico - 4 Heads No Clue." If you look in the window across the alley you can make out a gamma burster (probably just the reflection of my flash)
Bronson Eden makes me wonder if I am the one who is going crazy with this pre-extinction Darwinian tableaux titled "The Island Of Calypso" I hear Dodos were good eating. Pterodactyls were tasty, too.


Lynn Fliegel seems to have flying fish in "The Garden"

Better than rats in the attic any day.



Peggy Kay says it all in one word: "Lust"

This is definitely the flower that made Spock fall in love.


James F. Knight reminds us that "Winter Solstice" is only six months off.

Ever wonder what the F stands for?


Dakota Lane gets a leg up at the zen monastery with "Old Soul"

She's such a kidder... but promises exotic snacks for those intrepid enough to visit her studio while on the tour.


Lucy Lasky sees the "Sunset" going down, but the eyes in her head see the world spinning round.


Now hat the night has come, it's time for Margaret Owen to get down with the "Dancers"



Naugatuck Narragansett is niether "Hea Nea" nor there. It's all part of a mystical Native American experience.


Rita Schwab takes us to the "Mountains in Spring"

Some of us are so lucky to be in the mountains all year round.

Head for the hills!


Michele Spark channels either Rothko or DeKooning or Sam Francis depending on which way the rabbit ears are turned.

If I knew what "Tathagata" means it would all be more clear.


Faye Storms gets away from the hurricane with this portrait of "Katrina"


Anique Taylor has a thing for tall skinny paintings, like this one titled "Warmer Seasons" That's why  I put it on the right, because it is the only one that fits!

We finally get to the really cool finale of Karen Whitman in the solo room with this insanely graphic block print titled "Village Morning"

A smidgen of pigeons, underwear hanging in the breeze and one silly petunia!


Come to PH3 on July 4th and hear Karen Whitman and Rick Pantel do a super set of songs.


And don't forget to do the Shandaken Artist Studio Tour from July 18th  through the 20th.



See you there.