ON THE EDGE Modern times can make you nervous. Irritable, tense. Riddled with anxiety. Speaking of anxiety riddles, why did the psychiatrist's patient keep saying "Teepee, Wigwam. Teepee, Wigwam?" He was two tents.  Did that make you feel slightly uncomfortable?  How are you feeling?  You don't look too good.  Before you go for the frontal lobotomy, I prescribe a visit to the Arts Upstairs. An antidote for random panic attacks and postal disorders. While you are at the gallery, take a peek out the window at Chip Gallagher's sculptures across the street in Mama's Boy Park. Then go get a lobotomy if you have not seen any improvement in your spastic tics.

We begin to feel the Strain. Sarah Strain, that is. She gave this most garish tableaux the name "Untitled."   If she only knew that untitled artwork is like Niagra Falls to me, guaranteed to push me OVER the edge.











Ann Byer has gone off the deep end of the pool for sure this time, with "Lottery Winner".  Perhaps a reference to Carson McCuller's story, "The Lotter Winner", this psychodrama reenacts all the barbaric things we used to do to our Barbie dolls. A whole new slant on the song, "Let's Go Get Stoned."









Bronson Eden depicts Dia de los Muertes in 3D if you have the goggles. Hint: you can see it in 4D with the naked eye! "A Tough Act To Follow" has me hooping summersaults in spring.













Here is an early work by our featured solo room artist, Lois Linet. Her dreamy lanscapes and sandscapes are soothing to the savage beast. The savage beast lives here in "Noir et Blanc".





While the inner child is still processing the past, the outer adult still has to make sense of the present.


Which one is driving the emerald Cornellian steam engine in Judith Singer's "Going Green" ?




This photo, "Stone Leaf" was Shot by Gunner. I keep asking her to shoot me although she has warned me that it would cost me my soul. She also says I'm not ugly enough to deserve to be shot.  You want ugly?




Now that's ugly.


Chanca Fraser has entered the scrap metal fray with both pistols blazing. and a derringer in his sleeve. His premiere welded steel sculpture is really ugly. It just looks bad. To top it off, he titled it "Untitled" and that always gets my blood boiling.


He has a lot of nerve making this astounding assemblage on his first time at bat. I will have to break his knuckles the next time I see him.




Lynn Fliegel dances the impasto fantasto in artwork 3.

Every squiggle is a tickle and every wiggle is a giggle.




Margaret Owen says feed me in chick talk. Imagine coming back to your nest and seeing these hungry Baby Birds snapping up at you!






Now that we have gone through several primal screams, and popped more than our share of Paxiquill, the only thing left is religion. So let's go to "Church in Spring" and get better. We can always get worse another time. Thanks, Helene Weissman.






Astrid Nordness Makes really cool tiles. This collection is called "Transcendent Abstraction." (Now that's a title)  be sure to buy some on your way out!