Out To Lunch How this ever got to mean crazy is beyond me. Certainly, the Openings at TAU are among the most nutricious art events I've ever been to, serving soup to nuts... and many of the artists are just plain nuts. I have been accused of lunacy myself. So, in honor of the borderline between food and folly, we embark on another culinary safari into the darkest heart of artichoke. Bring your napkins, this is a finger lickin' special sauce drippin' spot on your best tie.




Dakota Lane becomes the meal in her treble entendre tribute to Lewis Carrol, "Out To Lunch". This is one case of you are what you eat.

The emotional barometric  by Bruce Ackerman "Bad Days, Sad Days, Good Days" leaves out the Zen perfection of Just OK days.



What is more out to lunch than a visit to the ice cream parlor? Lucy Lasky in a curiously Chip Gallagheresque flash creates a society of "Ice Cream Scoops".






Erica Minglis Raison D' Etre Is to create provocative sensual art like "Boxed Lunch". She herself is quite a juicy boxed lunch if you've never noticed.


Now we know where to go friday night. "Requiem" by Mason Durrim has the flavor of Living Theater mixed with a dash of baby doll lounge.



On the other side of the coin is Mighty Xee, whose disturbingly painful creations positively radiate hate energy. If we could only tap it as an alternative to nuclear.



Gavin Owen is the featured solo artist and this amazing retrospective boggles the mind. Here we see an eerie premonition 911.


That's the guy, Gavin himself in a painting titled "Self Portrait".  The penetrating gaze, the petulant lips.


I am hooked on Lenny Kislin. "Be Careful What You Wish For" Reminds me of the old Polish joke about the old farmer couple, the pickle and the sausage...


and where the sausage ends up.



Aurora shines in geometric daisy wheels called "Mobius Transformation".



Gary Ampel captures the spirit of "War Horse".



Joseph prieboy enters a hallucinatory world of cartoon ghosts and assorted wigglies titled "Saiche" whatever that is!



This charming photo called "Trannie American Gothic" was created by Richard Treitner.



















Let's end on a decidedly pescatarian note with this seafood extravaganza called "Good Fish Fish" by Stan Trammel.



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