Outside The Box can be a scary place. I remember wanting to get right back inside as soon as I was born. Maybe that is why so many people live inside the box, sometimes called TV. Without intrepid free thinkers we wouldn't have the atomic bomb, Tang or Velcro. Is it worth it? Only your hairdresser knows you are a box blond. Artists do tend to go outside the lines, which results in failed SATs and spoiled ballots. Off the edge of the Earth we go!








William Accorsi tangles us in a Calder Circus of beads, coat hangers and springs called

"Woman with Umbrella"


Bronson Eden goes fully non-euclidean and measures exclusively with irrational numbers in this wall installation called

"I Am Desire, What Color My Eyes?"


Lynn Fliegel is prolific. Here we see

"Wired #2 Golden"

A little Klee, a little Miro, a little dab'll do ya.



I like Antonia Gentile from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Her sculpture, titled

"Open Heart"

perfectly describes her fetching personality.



Perez Melero is one of our solo room artists and creates meticulous transfoming assemblages that shape shift as you walk by.  Here is

"American Flag Boston"


Astrid Nordness plunges into a reservoir of symbols...

Fish, frogs, bugs, plants and even completely abstract squiggles.

This group includes:

"Fish, Frog Food, After Dinner Gift, and Tree of Life"



Liz Smyth painted "Red".

I think it looks like the Madonna with arms reaching out to embrace you.

Dave Channon made "Edna" the lamp.


They go so well together, thanks to the expertly sensitive exhibition installation by Astrid (among others.)



This month, Trout Unlimited caught about 30 trout painted by local artists and hung them up to dry at The Arts Upstairs. Later this month there will be an auction you don't want to miss.



Here are a bunch more trout. Go see them in person. Incredible!



Mooo. Andy Warhol would be proud of Marcia Wolf's painting lovingly titled

"Have A Cow"

As opposed to the apocryphal, yet emblematic advice from Bart Simpson.



Mighty Xee is mighty. Her solo room show would require a college curriculum to decipher but I will give it a whirl.

"Mount of Rushmore" word plays with the more familiar Mound of Venus, or female pubic bone.

Penis shmeenis. The vaj is what makes the world go round.

Perhaps the peccorino romano will stop our planet from spinning on its evil axis. U tell me.