Peace Love Music...  In honor of the umpteenth anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, well, Bethel anyway, the harmonious vibrations of  TAU chimes in with this month's exhibitionistic display of colorful conundrums.  If not, then grok my wavelength and be on the same page with me as I paddle my dugout up the great grey greasy Limpopo river all set about with fever trees.  Just seeing if you are listening.   Peace Love Music...  a trillium of  tantalizing tinctures to tickle your macular timpani. Eyeball eardrum, that is.  Just seeing if you are listening.




Listen to the colors in you mind. Crank up the axle jack. We'll get there yet. Transportation or transformation, who cares?  Go see Taking Woodstock... it's a vivid impression of what the experience was like, except you don't have to eat soggy potato chips out of a garbage can like I did.


Thanks to Teresa Brun Ancel for "Love Bus"



Here's one by Sadie Burzan that will really sink its "Teeth" into you. Squint hard and you can almost hear the yodel.



I lived in "Grand Gorge" about 30 years ago. The trees have gotten bigger since then. Michael Bishop somehow captured the three dimensional aspect of hills alive with the sound of music.



Ann Byer connects the Haight Ashbury motif with some old fashioned bric-a-Braque... in "Old Violins Never Die, They Just Go To Peaces."

Ban the Bomb and the Bra! Roll over, Beethoven.



Verna D'Alto hits the high note in her mixed media "Sky Dance." 

Tower to Verna: cleared for landing!



This ingenious miniature drive-in theater is all Elvis all the time. Lesley Geertsma and the king had the whole place to themselves during "My Night With Elvis."



"Orange Still Life" is a three ring citrus of tangy. How about a round of applause for Alexis Lynch and the vitamin see?



Marlene B's "Coney In Saugerties" proves that gas pumps resemble slot machines in more ways than one.

Woodstock in Saugerties proves that everybody has to be someplace.




Sometimes ya gotta take a second look. As you walk past Antonio Perez Melero's "American Flag - Mt. Rushmore" the skillfully constructed op art changes before your eyes.

Look closer and see Cary Grant hanging off the noes.




I remember the old Museum of Natural History.  Rick Pantell does, too. This solo room artist takes chiaroscuro to a new level. If you dip a fragment of " Not of This Time" into growth serum, it will grow into a Wooly Mammoth.



Karen Whitman shares the solo room. Her meticulous multicolor prints make Brooklyn shine.



You have to hand it to Judith Singer. The skeketon's hand is geared up and you can learn palmistry along with hand signing language. On the left, "Time Haunts Me" and on the right, "Your Fate is in Your Hands."


On the other hand...



Frank Smyth illustrates the fireworks inherent in a "Cactus".

Nature doesn't waste a good design.



I (Dave Channon) toot my own horn in "Coney Atlantis". Music is in the guitar, love in the lady, and peace be with you brothers and sisters.


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