Rebirth... and Studio Clear-Out Sale. This February was the coldest in 100 years, maybe ever since the last little ice age. So I'm going with the snow theme. (I was considering a graphic birth scene but decided against it.) Nevertheless, it is a time of rebirth for The Arts Upstairs. We are doing it all-natural, beginning with a super affordable selection of art you can adopt from the art orphanage in the back room. I think Bronson Eden has been taking 3-D fertility drugs. His multi- quintuplets are all doing fine and I have some of them in the art-nursery incubator immediately below. Come by on Thursday evenings for The Arts Upstairs music Concert Series put together by Karin Wolf.

Bronson Eden depicts a non-traditional family that (for better or worse) has become the new norm. Mrs. Punkin-Head and Mr. Viking Grenade are enjoying a moment of well armed backyard bliss with Lil' Octo-Baby. It's American Gothic to the max, and a predator drone circles overhead just to make sure there are no terrorists left standing after their ammo runs out.



I was at the Zen monastary the other day but it didn't look like this. Maybe Bronson has been meditating too hard.


Whew. Nuclear winter on Maggie's farm!



We all know seasons change but this is an unexpected dose of reality.

Bronson- what is going on here?!?


That's better Bronson. Absurd icons in zany juxtaposition.


Did I mention the Studio Clear out Sale? Here is one fine example of an untitled collage painting with no name and no date. Plenty of text to read and a price too low to print here on the website. Come and get it ASAP.


Astrid Nordness has her own vocabulary when it comes to bio-morphic abstraction. This one is called "Orange Dots".


Anna Contes Maguire calls this painting "Valentine". It is a February art show after all...


John Byer's "Silent Wind Charm" is one studded spiky hair character for sure.


Luis Brindis has several beautiful stained glass pieces in the show. We will have to ask him why he calls this one "Red Window".


Scott Ackerman wants us to "Relax". Good advice. But what are we supposed to do about those planarian sucker worms?


Lynn Fliegel is what I call a stream of conciousness painter. This one is designated

"Abstract #2".




Karin Wolf (who is organizing the new music series) has a few fine photos in the show. This one is titled "Where Faeries Play".

Lucy Lasky makes "Wilted Flowers" look more vibrant than perfectly just-opened buds.



Dan McCormack uses a pinhole camera to obtain mysterious distorted dreamlike scenes.

This one is titled

"Amanda L. 7 28 14 06 AC".


Under the Woodland Valley bridge?



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We rap up this edition of Art Safari with a painting by Douglas Maguire. He calls it "Catskill Creek East".

I have no reason to disagree.


remember to stop by The Arts Upstairs on Thursday nights for the music. See you there!