What goes around gets dizzy. I should know, after doing my 90 seconds on the mighty Hulk rollercoaster. Whether it comes in the form of an LP, a voting machine or a charismatic loonatik, revolution is sure to turn the tables. I should know, after spinning the roulette wheel in Vegas. Irregardless of your own personal utopia, take a whirl on my virtual range rover as we SAFARI through the uncharted deepest jungles of the Artian continent.


Jose Acosta  goes tubing on the Esopus in "Upstate Stream."

Tubes of acrylic paint, that is.

Anique Taylor works out some ancient secrets of the Egyptians in her dreamy obelisk titled "Traveler 6 - Dorrie's Scarab"



Aurora shows the meaning of "Compassion" in her symmetrical  epiphany complete with a multitude of Peacock eyes.

Doctor Zhivago eat your heart out. So what it's 15 below? With a good scarf you can keep your appendages from turning black and falling off. Braddy Romero demonstrates how it's done in "Blue Veil Woman"

Bronson Eden sails off in a new direction with "Hudson River Dayliner"

Does any one else but me remember John Nagy? He had a paint-along TV show that inspired me to a life of art.

This graphite tour de force brings back that John Nagy-esque old-timey good feeling.


Christopher Haydu knows that nothing is more relaxing than mowing the lawn except mowing the moon.

Astronaut stuff can get very tense so this spaceman decided to crack out the old John Deere and tidy up "Tranquility."


Tom and son Chance Fraser teamed up for this on-message installation titled "Revolver."

And a family that ARTS together... well, you get the idea.

Since the Supreme court is on the verge of overturning the constitutional ban on police torturing suspects to get evidence, perhaps it is now time to beat our plowshares into swords - the same way these LPs were transformed into a statement on handgun violence.

Joyceannewlodarczyk torments the visitor with some stunning not for sale "Whiteware" in her solo show.

We all know the brain is the most important concept in thinking today.

Judith Singer turns a new twist on an old slogan in her Joseph Cornell (wearing a Louise Nevelson schmata) assemblage called "The Sharpest Tool in the box."

Lenny Kislin opens doors of conciousness with"Red Sky Over Amsterdam." Could the cold-war era Thunderbolt jet fighter be evading Kremlin airspace studded with anti aircraft missles, or are the Amsterdammers just spiking their poppy nectar?

Margaret Owen takes us to the heavenly wild blue yonder with this delightful homage to another one of my horticultural favorites, the Morning Glory.

I had these beauties growing all the way up to heaven on my brooklyn back yard fire escape... too many years ago to count.

I once had a similar experience while listening to Revolver. (Beatles album, not pistol.) 

All four of us in the room joined our brains together in one mighty ecstatic moment of unanimous agreement!

Scott Helland captures the essence of ESP in "4 Women."

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