The Shandaken Art Studio Tour, or CATS for short (Catskill Artists Town of Shandaken) has pounced, meowed, clawed, kneaded and roared it's way through a great third season. Art lovers found their way up unknown territories to discover the rare, the unusual, the artist!

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John Byer opened his sculpture garden and studio, installed two sculptures at Mama's Boy Park, and has one here at TAU.

"BP Water Purifier" shows all the exact oil pressure and number of barrels of impurity per day.

Wendy Grossman was on the tour and got 10 times as many visitors as last year!  She takes an unemployment line and travels it up and down the nude descending staircase called "Out Of Work"

Nothing like a good genetically modified meal after a hard day at the food stamp office.

Tour artist Dave Channon and "Supersalmon"

Babette Kiesel (also on tour) cuddles so nicely in this wispy, winsome, portrayal of a tick bit teddybear lover.

"Lymed Artist & Best Buddy"

Rita Schwab's studio is on the tour, She's featured in solo room, has a simultaneous show at ASK, and here we see "Palm Breeze" surrounded by an array of other resin covered frescoes.


Lucy Lasky also does the solo room and open studio at the same time. Her photographs are so chemical you can feel the chemistry!

"Papua New Guinea #7"

Christie Scheele (also on tour) creates images of nature and society out of sub atomic particles that seem to hover in a foggy mist before your eyes. "Hudson Valley Sampler"

Sunday Dawne-Marie tats on the boardwalk at her deluxe studio-parlor Skinflower, which she opened to visitors on the art tour.

She also creates amazing artwork that isn't on human skin.

Here we see "Creation Myth"


Richard Treitner is totally and utterly mad. He is also totally and utterly happy. How can this be explained? We must look deep into the windows of his soul and this is a perfect example:


Tokhal shared cozmik soul mate Richard Treitner's studio on the tour.

This mixed media wood burl cum lava vulva is called

"Wood Clit"

Behold Mighty Xee and her whirlwind psychosexual sexploration of sexological violent impulses like this one called

"War Machines"

Disclaimer: no art loving visitor was harmed during the course of the tour.

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