THE SELFIE SHOW...  It has been said that every work an artist makes is a self portrait. Is every self portrait a work of art? Considering the tsunami of selfies washing up on the shores of our cyber-hyper-conciousness, we have to wonder. (?) Nevertheless, it is amusing and enlightening to see each other as we see ourselves. So I have devoted the literary lion's share of this month's Art Safari to the solo show of SELFIE portraits by Arts Upstairs artists.



Larry and Paulette Brill turn back the hands of time in this Op Pop tick tock clock.

Notice how the hands are turning backwards?








This is Dave Channon disguised as Fidel Castro for a Halloween parade. You can see "Polytower", the inflating polyvinyl nuclear cooling tower slumping over, "Jupiter", the 10 foot diameter silk inflating replica in its upside down deflated state, and in the upper right, "Space Worm", a 17 foot  wind sock that was installed at a veterans hospital on Governor's Island.

Channon is depicted with a communist hat, a real beard, and an exploding cigar.  





Anna Contes

"Self Portrait in Yellow"

A very good likeness!










Douglas James Maguire's "Unfinished Self Portrait"

A most dramatic treatment. What is unfinished about it? The lower right hand corner?




Erica Minglis "Facete" beams in prismatic ecstasy.

like the artist herself.




Lisa Crumrine's

"Self Portrait" is deep in angst and zeitgeist.





Rich Morris' "Self Portrait of Artist as Vincent Van Gogh" is very dreamy. We wonder about the other ear... I will take a closer look at Rich the next time we meet.





Gavin Owen's

"Self Portrait With Stonker"

reinforces my nickname for Gavin, the "Hemingway of Painters".






Sandra Palmer Shaw's

"In the Garden"

demonstrates her tendency to tiptoe through the tulips.

(Queen Anne's Lace?)



Judith Singer shows two sides of the same coin as she connects the dots in her puzzling assemblage

"Double Self Portrait"



Barbara Hirth Strauss

"Self Portrait"

is an example of "mirror selfie", a genre I didn't know existed but have done many times myself.


I have included a few non-selfie pieces from the September show for your enjoyment.



One of them is John Byer's

"Bat on a Unicycle"

Let's send out some healing vibrations for the much maligned endangered flying mini mammals.






Claire Kassor

"The Forest in Fall"


Kassor's mixed media artwork is made from thread, lint and bits of fabric, yet manages to look almost photo realistic. Her labor intensive artworks are coveted by a small group of collectors who don't want you to know how reasonably priced they are.




Posie Strenz is The Arts Upstairs publicity person, and doing a great job.

Here is her guitart:

"Art in America".



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