Spring Forward into warm bliss. Wipe off the excess when you're done. The Arts Upstairs welcomes all vernal equinox huggers to peruse this month's fuzzy buds. Venture forth!

Our first solo room artist, Aurora, formulates her own special paints that lay down in a smooth puddle. The result looks like porcelain tile in a cosmic Alhambra.


"Eternity: God is here/wondering

Does God Exist?"


Miriam Bisceglia grinds the charcoal into a fine art powder so fine. The result in this case is "Girl"


John Byer has a slathering good time with wood and stones. this one is named "Three Souls"


Dave Channon has been warning the world about nuclear disaster ever since he was five years old. But do they listen?

Here we see "Polytower" in the vicinity of the Gowanus Canal.


Patricia Charnay is a forward cookie.

Her drawing "Nude Study" leans forward and springs eternal.


Fred Duignan does some slathering himself. In a time twisting reversal, he titles this canvas "The History of Tomorrow".


Bronson Eden erects enchanting shadow box installations in which each element may be purchased separately.

Or you can get a bargain on the whole "Love Song" enchilada.



Clare Kassor is a truly unique artist. The threads of her creations seem to capture life itself.

Here is "Subalpine Buttercup".


Dave Lombardi makes stained glass.

This one is titled "Untitled".

My favorite title.


Ellen Miret has a short fuse when fusing glass so stand back.

Here is "Sea, Land & Skyscape".




David Osherow makes a mean female tortilla. I'll have mine with enchilada sauce and extra onions.




Elaine Ralston is our second solo room artist this month and her creations are splendid.

Here is "Bowl of Pears".

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