Thanks for visiting all the amazing artists on this year's Shandaken Art Studio Tour!

It was a great success. At The Arts Upstairs, there's a whole world of art more...



Solo artist Robert Ricard rewrites paleontology, evolution, mythology and the comic book genre at the same time.

"Early Morning"



Helene Weissman graces the other solo room and dapples the Van Gogh light fantastic in "Apple Blossoms on Tannery".



Alfredo Cardenas delivers the kind of "Horse Head" that you wouldn't mind finding in your bed next to you in the morning.



Lisa Crumrine mixes it up with "Peacock in the Blender".



e. de Haven goes into outsider territory with a fragmented poetic "Larry".


Lynn Flegel does a dizzy dance in "Abstract 7"



Mikael Flores-Amper takes the real thing and flattens it into a quizzical statement on America, "Thirsty?"



Lucy Lasky takes you there by way of a magic window. "St. Croix"




Todd Leland shows the flames of passon in "Under the Bodhi Tree".



Terry Niedzialek installed a distillation of all things fashionable in this grouping of Sprits and Barbies.



Lizz Smyth rounds out the show with a luminous "Country".