Time Passages ...   Al Einstein once said (according to R. Crumb) "We can put a man on the moon but can't get along with our wives."  Well, time is of the essence, and has many stitches in it. Wormholes aside, time waits for no man. Just worms!  So don your pendulum and sundials, count the grains of sand through the hourglass, listen for the tell-tale tick-tock, just before the alarm clock falls off the nightstand, the waterglass breaks, and the nurse whispers, "Room for one more, honey!"   At TAU there is always room for more than one more. And as the midnight hour approaches, the hour of the wolf, pull the comforter up to your chin and brace yourself for the chime for whom the bell tolls... Time Passages on this month's Art Safari.


It's about time we get the American Spirit. Bill Barrett's See No Speak No bilaterally symmetrical composition "Occupy Wall Street" bespeaks the peculiarly asymmtrical distribution of wealth in our society.

Does a five-spot block pepper spray?




Hello Erica Minglis. Your collages are so erotic it makes me crazy. This one's much more chaste than usual... "Soul Searching".




It's always 11 AM somewhere in the world and that means a greasy diner breakfast special.

Fred Duignan has ordered "Bacon and Egg" but failed to specify over easy and hold the Twilight Zone.

Solo room Michael Davidoff has the smallest watercolor brush known to man. I liked his "November at the Mill" but wonder how it would have stood up to Irene.
You must check out the super realistic crinkle crumble snow texture effects in his winter scenes.











Even though time marches on, David Osherow captures the fleeting moment of youth in his ceramic "Bethany".
Elizabeth Broad and Janet Siskind share a solo room and while two things can't be in the same place at the same time, two artists can. Here is Broad's "The Thick of Things""









Scott Patterson was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got this photo of something wrong.

"Cold Brook Rd. Bridge"


Cold brook indeed.
Janet Siskind is the solo-duo room artist that approaches time in octaves. The piano is her way of expressing it.

So many delightful variations on a theme.


"Grainy Piano"








Jerilynn Babroff rounds out the rough edges and wrinkles that accompany a really lot of years. 


If you stare at "Country Morning" for a minute or two you will feel two years younger.

Suzanne Kosoy dances the tarantella, whirls the dervish, makes John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever eat his heart out.


All the while she can't escape the "Dark Premonition" in the cobwebs of her mind.

And it's almost Halloween!








Clare Kassor is the one who weaves the threads of time and each thread is a blade of grass or a leaf or a flake of bark.


"Hay Bales in the Black Field"


Nice threads!
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