Under The Influence is more better than under the weather. Arting Under The Influence or "AUI" is a lot less illegal than DUI or DWI, or even DWB for that matter. Plus, you don't get points on your license... unless you mean your artistic license. So let's get down and influence ourselves under the table with some intoxicating art.




John L Byer points out the Falacy of Phalluses in "Phalacy Decanter". Pop the cork, I dare you.

It has a fungatory shape, and I don't have to tell you about mushrooms.

But I will.

Did you know that Phallus impudicus, commonly known as the common stinkhorn, is a widespread fungus recognizable for its foul odor and its phallic shape? Botanist John Gerard called it the "pricke mushroom" or "fungus virilis penis effigie" in his General Historie of Plants of 1597.

Take that, Mr. Byer.

Now that I have your fungus dungus button pushed, try a little snack of "Eat Me" by yours truly, Dave Channon. Hold the anchovies.

The title on this ode to genetically engineered food is derived from Alice in Wonderland, a story that was written while under the influence of opium if you must know.


This reminds me of the dioramas in the Museum of Natural History.

Kathleen Evers is "On a Roll" with this teenie weenie painting cleverly curved in its frame.

One picture makes you smaller, one picture makes you larger...







Jeanne Friedman shatters illusions in this psycho-fragmentation of the ego called "For Mary Who Was." Was what? And when was she whatever she used to be? Whatever you do, don't look into the mirror while under the influence!



Wendy Grossman's "Crescent Table" would be a good place to keep the little cakes that Alice was so fond of. The other half of the circular tabletop is probably through the looking glass.



Claire Kassor makes her ingenious artworks with thousands of little bits of thread. This one is "The Pine Forest at Kaaterskill Falls NY"

When people get overwhelmed with beauty until they faint, it's called the Stendhal experience.

Pass the smelling salts!


Lenny Kislin Is a nut. Maybe too much Ibogaine. In this case, "Lorena Bobbitt's Ultra Punk Mirror" is comin' atcha with a metallic Prince Albert and perforated peccorino romano.


Possibly with an oblique reference to dephallustration.



James Knight got me puzzled trying to figure out who the JH in "JH Owl" is a reference to.


Whoo indeed.



This month's s featured solo artist is Astrid Nordness.


Her "Spiral Galaxy" is one yummy s'more of crunchy mahogany with a creamy ceramic center bound together with a couple of rebars.



This is one helluva"Accident"...

possibly a result of drunken drawing (Too many Tom & Jerrys while under the influence of Tom and Jerry cartoons) by Reika Reisinger.


A name that is appropriate for an under the influence show...

Bennet Wine is definitely tangled up in green. His "Green House" is a gas.

There goes the ozone layer.

Like Reisinger, he takes photographs, and makes things out of them and then photographs the results.






Sean Slauson is alienated.

This one probably shook hands with Bill Clinton on the cover of National Enquirer.

Sean's nerves must be quite jangled because he calls this ET "Quiet."

Or maybe he just wants me to shut up.



Anique Taylor really pops the pallette in a spicy, intensely pigmented picture called "Sister Allegory".

You don't need peyote to see the colors in this one.




Money can be a toxic intoxicant.

Zuikon does a chainsaw massacre on the credit card crunch in this oversize sculpture titled "Found Door Series #1"


Leave home without it, Gustav.







Enjoy yourself and have a great ThingsGiving- but don't get knocked out!!

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