Art Safari is back. Long time no see. Took a while for my eyeballs to defrost. Now the mud flows freely as we enter the WTF zone. A Polar Vortex is no match for The Arts Upstairs. And this month features the work of Carolyn Odell in the solo room. Trounce along while I Polar Bare my soul in the following Art Safari... 

The Arts Upstairs, March 15 2014: WTF!

PSST! (Phoenicia/Shandaken Art Studio Tour is coming this July...)


Carolyn Odell

I have been to "Bash Bish Falls" many times. This photo brought back happy memories for me.

Carolyn Odell has been the featured solo artist in two TAU shows. Her photos are brilliant and capture the nature of flowers, landscapes and cityscapes.

She bonds the photos on metal which gives the images a clean, crisp impression, like a blast of fresh country air. Or a cold drink from a clear mountain spring.



Scott Ackerman' "Blonde" is a prime example of WTF...  (Not the World Trade Federation.)

He seems so normal and well adjusted in person.




John Byer apparantly can't wait for April and the opening of trout season.

He had to yank hard on the line to bring in "Franken Wine Fish".


John has been on the Phoenicia/Shandaken Art Studio Tour (PSST!) several times and we look forward to having him on the tour again. Tell him that when you see him!





This is "Pine Meadow Lake" by Dave Channon.

" I've gone fishing there many times but never saw anything like this."

Mini-dinosaurs walking on water, spaced out ballerinas, and a Space Shuttle exploding overhead.

Dave is on the PSST! too.




Bronson Eden is having a picnic party with a few friends. Which one is Bronson? 

How humerous.

A touch of anti-GRAVITY rivalling the special effects of the movie of the same name.

Bronson's lenticular 3D creations use space age technology.  I first experienced it on a Cracker Jack prize and while watching Percy Dovetonsil flickering his eyeglasses on the Ernie Kovacs show.

Bronson is another PSST! alumnus.

(Hint: that's the Phoenicia/Shandaken Art Studio Tour)





Lynn Fliegel is possibly still working on this unnamed painting in the VIP back room at the Arts Upstairs.

It is tart and Tanguey, with a touch of


and a particle of

Paul Klee.

(PSST: Lynn is on the tour!)




Gavin Owen is the Ernest Hemingway of painters. (PSST! again.)

This month's show at TAU has a great wealth of his works, you can almost call it a lifetime retrospective.

"Cricket Match" is a  thick and lush representation of  what I call a sticky wicket.




This lovely portrait of Margaret Owen was created by a premiere phographer, Yvonne Gunner.

Yvonne is originally from England, which explains her curious sense of humor. She says her photo subjects are

"shot by Gunner"

She also adores fine chocolate.

Even mine!





This photo by Margaret Owen is titled:


An altogether different take on the definition of photo. I always assumed the camera does not lie, but when does inspiration and imagination cross over the line?

Margaret is the director of The Arts Upstairs and a PSST! artist too.





Faye Storms (PSST!) was working hard in the VIP room when I encountered her on our Art Safari expedition.

This pastel is titled "Orchid", part of her upcoming exhibition.





Lenny Kislin shows how it is done. His works are the result of a lifetime of furious collection.

Despite being made from found objects, they give the impression of being carved out of one block of mental marble.

"Just Monkeying Around" is a marvel of perpetual motion in stasis.







Erica Minglis has the kind of erotic sensual imagination that captivates me.

"Springtime" (WTF?) takes flourescence into effervescence and beyond.








Astrid Nordness Makes exceptional ceramics and dogs. You can see the influence of  flowing glazes in this forest scene called "Horse".

Astrid is on the PSST!

Visit her studio this July for a real treat.

Carol Waldron knows the loaded brush.

Each touch is once... for that is all you may ever get.

"Red Roses" displays a deep Zen approach.


Will Carol be on PSST! this year?


Fred Woller is on a roll. This painting from his "Catskill Cycling Series" is just in time for the new rail and bike trail.

Keep your axles greased for soon you will be able to bike from Belleayre to Poughkeepsie. Downhill all the way!


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