Women... You can't live with Yin & you can't live without Yin. So, just to be sure, I picked a few Yin hi-lights from the August  20, 2016 show. Lynn Fliegel and Bronson Eden occupy the duo solo room so let's start there!


I don't see any woman in Lynn Fliegel's tangy abstract Tanguy- esque carnival confetti construction. She might be in there somewhere if you look close.

I see floating, meting clocks like Dalí (on happy juice for a change.)



Bronson Eden's virtual reality tableaux reveal a fascination with women that runs the gamut from idyllic forest nymphs to socio-economic visions of the all-American girl.

While recycling trailer trash into digital originals, he leaves a little bit extra for the hungry bear.



Lucy Lasky sees women in "Brisbane Fire Hydrants". And Santas and dragons, too. This image is a marked departure from wilted flowers, her signature motif.



Valerie Owen paints slice of life tableaux in a naive, sincere, unvarnished manner. "Aunt Maxine" is not just a woman. she is a very real, very specific woman.



Gavin Owen was a great admirer of women. I had the pleasure of sketching women with him several times in figure drawing workshops. His raw, Hemingway-esque (and sometimes "Burl-esque") paintings and drawings have a salty sweetness.



Dan McCormack shoots through a pinhole sometimes. This photo array "Elizabeth-H-07-09-16-Grid" was shot with a telephone. Is less more?

It reminds me of an audience participation performance by Annie Sprinkle titled "Titty Ballet".




Jose Acosta spends some time "At The Lake". There's a woman rendered in pink impasto - or is it a female kitty kat?



Jerilynn Babroff  takes on the weight of the world with "Woman". A grim parable of sexual abuse?

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