Worldly Wonders.. Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you glad to see me? This show is Gaia to the max. The synchronistic symbiotic bordering on benevolent parasitic dynamic. What he said. I was almost tempted to attend the "Gathering at the Edge of Meaning" but I forgot where it was. Then I remembered and blushed so hard that I had to take a cold shower. So here we go. Strap your Timex to the snout of the nearest rhinocerous and come on a Safari with me. A surfing safari to be precise.

Adrian Guillery really knows how to cook up an "Optic Noodle Soup." One cup vitreous humor, a sprinkle of cones and rods, and added vitamin A for night noodle vision.

Alicia de la Campa had the same dream I did. Uncanny."El Sueno Profundo" would make Sigmund's toes curl. The fish obviously represents the unattainable goal, the hunter's pie.

This Cuban artist has just had her first solo show in a Chicago art gallery.

Antonia Saluzzi is the creator of "Self." They say every artist creates a self portrait every time the make a new painting. Izzat so?


"Button Up" by Betsy Ross reminds me of the ultra advanced alien civilization that came to serve man. Don't believe it.

Bill Campion must have had a heavy experience with chipmunks. His "Pink Chipmunks" is a dead giveaway.

I'm so happy to tell you that "Everyone Wins." Heidi Shurak captures that exciting moment when three in a row becomes a synchronicity. Even what's left is hugs and kisses.


John Sowley's "Member of the Wedding" must have made a provocative rustle, or else the cat's ears would never have popped up like that.


"Energy Series 1"
(Also known as Dayglo Orange Snail Eyeprong homage to Willem De Kooning ) by Lynn Fliegel. As often in reality, the brightest colors are hiden behind a veil of soot.

Internationally acclaimed silk painter Nancy Catandella painted this meteorological Tromp L'oeil weather forecast called "Gaia's Flute."

It's a kind of Stephen Spielberg cinematic special effect within the framework of gilded borders.

Naugatuck's "Coptic Cross" yearns for a context. It is yearning that radiates passion. I expect the yellow quadrants have the highest yearning quotients.



Nick Minglis takes a detour into the globular world of opthalmology.


"Adventures in a golden eye" is the vitreous humorous title.

This month's award for the most curious juxtaposition award is Norman Darvie's "Unintelligent Design." Just part of a tour-de force cluster of paintings by this guy.

Philip Franklin is never without an aesthetic receptacle for ciggy cinders when he has a "Karmic Ashtray" nearby.

Don't put chewing gum or candy wrappers in the aluminum slot..


Robert Skelkowitz brings back the lazy, hazy golden summer camp daze with "Winnisook Boathouse."


See you at the next opening at Arts Upstairs. Now go back to Art Safari