Ho Ho Ho! It's Xmas again and The Arts Upstairs helps you celebrate the season with a solo show by a new ceramic collective "28A Clay". Welcome to West Shokan 28A Clay!




28A Clay has been throwing and firing pottery for about 2 years in West Shokan, just down the road from Astrid Nordness.

Meredith Nichols, Harry Kundhardt and two other potters  were on hand for the opening. Meredith described her passion for the love of ceramics and how she learns from other masters of the craft.

Visit 28A Clay online!


Jose Acosta sums up the state of the union with "Coronation". It may be good to be king, but it sucks being the peasants crushed underfoot.



Lenny Kislin's "Adam Crucified on Eve's Cross" is erected alongside Kevin Green's "Insulator #3".

Notice the deep snow in front of Brio's. It's December. What do you expect?












Valerie Owen comes from America. The one we think we remember but maybe never was.

You can't make this stuff up. But it seems like it's just imaginary.

"Fifth Birthday".


















Here is "Kern River Picnic". I love the way this girl curls her toes. Is that Irmalinda's Doll sitting next to her on the swing? Or just a reasonable facsimile?




















It takes a genius to take a completely mundane subject and exalt it to the status of inspiration.

"Washer Dryer" is what I'm talking about.



Lady Raga came all the way from England dressed in a technicolor turban and multicolor mu-mu.

She sermonized a circular ceremony with me and 5 other females celebrating "Cunt".

We tickled and fondled the vaginal icon, while chanting blessings on the souce of humanity.

The session wrapped up with a chorus of orgasmic howls.



Meanwhile. outside, a rag tag band of reveling, caroling children were enchanting some seasonal slogans of their own.

"Peace on Earth"


Were it were so!


May it be!



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