OK. It's still November, but my neighbors already have their lights up so I'm giving you an early present. I devote this Art Safari entirely to selections from the John G. Hynes Solo Show. He is an expressionist painter, collage maker, photographer and activist veterinarian. That explains his empathy with elephants, a feeling I share. John is also a Francophile and Diana-ophile. John's artwork is super affordable and make great gifts, so come and shop early!

Let's go!









This moody prtrait of "Diana" caught my eye for being different from the other more light hearted works in the show.








Is this "Le Petit Chicken"?


Perhaps the little bird is wearing a dog hat?

Thank heaven for little birds.





Eiffel in love with Paris and so did John.
The little dogs in "Du Petit Chiens" seem to also be in love.



This is a nice collage, travelogue and momento diary rolled into one.
"Nice" could be lifted off an old fashioned steamer trunk.











No mistaking this title, "Moulin Rouge".

(Madonna's Moulin Rouge, however, was a mistake...)



My sister was an elephant keeper in San Francisco for decades. She let me ride Tinker.
Afterwards she sniffed my groin and wallet with her trunk. (Tinker, not my sister.)
Even Trump can be gored. He tried to legalize the ban on ivory trade and took it back a day later. Shame on the beast. And I don't refer to the pachyderm.
Score one for the real elephant.


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